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Punisher: Kill Krew #2
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Punisher: Kill Krew #2

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Juan Ferreyra
Letterer: Cory Petit
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release: September 11, 2019

The Punisher has taken it upon himself to avenge the fallen families from The War of the Realms. With a magical goat attached to his war van he sets across the realms to exact his brand of vengeance.


“Paul Revere” Punisher: Kill Krew #2


Frank Castle is hitting the highway, well the Bi-Frost highway that is in Punisher: Kill Krew #2. Frank was only supposed to avenge one man who lost his family in The War of the Realms, but when he comes back with a van full of Orphans who all lost everything Frank can’t say no to dishing out his brand of punishment across the Realms. With a list full of kids drawing of baddies that took their families, a magical goat attached to his war van and a sack full of weaponry. The Punisher is delivering death to all the baddies across the Realms. With some help from some unlikely allies!


PUNISHER KILL KREW #2 (OF 5) (CA) Tony Moore
PUNISHER KILL KREW #2 (OF 5) (CA) Tony Moore

I really shouldn’t like Punisher: Kill Krew as much as I do (check out my review for issue #1). I am not that big a Punisher person I like him in small doses and I am not much into things being over the top and super goofy. Well, Punisher: Kill Krew #2 is all of that and more. It is a lot of the Punisher dealing out vengeance and some very over the top silliness and I loved every last bit of it!

Gerry Duggan must be working some magic voodoo or something? I had a smile on my face all through this issue and legitimately laughed out loud a few times. Duggan does some great work with the dialogue and just the absurdness of the story. Just the way Frank Castle talks and interacts with everybody is delightfully funny and then adding in a surprise character to the “Kill Krew” was awesome. I won’t spoil it but it is definitely someone you won’t expect and Duggan plays with the character well.

I think what makes this work for me so well, is that Duggan gives Punisher: Kill Krew #2 some heart and sincerity in the writing. Yes, it is extremely over the top and very silly. But, there is also this honest and genuineness to it that bleeds through the pages. Duggan lets all that wild screwy stuff run wild, but there is some good heart to the book as well that I think helps balance everything out.


Juan Ferreyra is perfect for this series. He has the ideal blend of a slightly realistic style, but also cartoony and animated at the same time. I think his coloring work helps with that a lot as well. It is a little “softer” and lighter. It almost has a “chalky” rough textured look to it at times that works well.

His visual story telling is fantastic. He nails the comedy aspect perfectly. There is a page with Frank interacting with the orphans showing him pictures of the creatures that killed their families that is tremendously well done. Ferreya made me laugh with his visuals and it just landed perfectly for comedic affect.

He also has some great creature designs in Punisher: Kill Krew #2. As we go across the Realms Ferreya gets to play with some odd different beast and he brings them to life in stunning detail. He also just structures everything well with his panels. From action to comedy he just nails every aspect.


Punisher: Kill Krew #2 was probably the most fun I have had reading a comic book in a while. I am not saying it is world changing or the greatest thing since sliced bread, but man I just had a good time reading it. That is sometimes all I want or need. Everything about it is just splendid to me and it had me entertained from beginning to end. Heck, I am even excited about the next issue and another new addition to the “Kill Krew” that is coming! 

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