Review – Punisher: Kill Krew #3 (Marvel Comics)

Punisher: Kill Krew #3 (Marvel Comics) cover art (detail) by Tony Moore
Punisher: Kill Krew #3
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Writer: Jerry Duggan
Artist: Juan Ferreyra
Letterer: Cory Petit
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: September 25, 2019

The killing is not done as Frank Castle and his assembled Kill Krew still have some more revenge to take across the Realms. So hop in the war van and get ready for a ride!



“Jump in the Fire” Punisher: Kill Krew #3

You are in for another wild ride in Punisher: Kill Krew #3. Frank Castle rescued Foggy Nelson and added him to his “Kill Krew” ranks in the previous issue. Yes, that Foggy Nelson, lawyer, Matt Murdock aka Daredevil’s best friend, is traversing the Realms with the Punisher enacting revenge…very reluctantly. Still on the hunt for Kasyckla, Frank and Foggy stumble upon a group of Frost Giant shamans, who have happened to trap the unstoppable Juggernaut. It is time to add another member to the Kill Krew; hope there is room in the war van!


Punisher: Kill Krew #3 (Marvel Comics) cover art by Tony Moore
Punisher: Kill Krew #3 (Marvel Comics) cover art by Tony Moore

This is just another delightful issue penned by Gerry Duggan. I did think by the third issue the charm of this book would wear off for me, but it is just as charming and fun as the previous issues. Duggan is making this series a ton of fun to read with each and every issue. It consistently makes me laugh and smile throughout.

Adding Foggy Nelson to the “Kill Krew” is a stroke of genius by Duggan! He provides that “fish out of water” type comedy and Duggan writes his sheepish and coy attitude about having to deal with the Punisher and his antics incredibly well. It is also just fun to see Foggy running around scared while the Punisher does what he does best.

Adding Juggernaut to the “Krew” is another unexpected entry, which works well not only for some really fun action scenes we will get to in a moment but for some more wonderful comedy bits. I know I shouldn’t complain about a continuity error in a book a silly as Punisher: Kill Krew, but the bit with the Avengers was good, but they definitely don’t hang out in Avengers Mansion anymore.


I don’t know what else I can say about the tremendous art by Juan Ferreyra that I did not say in my previous review. It is truly some beautiful sequential art. Man, he not only nails the action bits, but just the comedic timing is top-notch. The sight gags land just as hard as anything in the book.

Juggernaut is the stand-out, visually, in Punisher: Kill Krew #3. Ferreyra catches his bulk and size incredibly well. Getting to see him go up against Frost Giants was just astoundingly fun! Then seeing himself squeeze into the war van was delightfully amusing. Visually, the book is outstanding on its own. You could really read this without the words and still get the gist of the story and jokes. There is just an energy on each and every page that you can feel while reading through the issue.

Ferreyra’s coloring work is fantastic as well. It’s bright and dark in all the right places. It has this “chalkiness” to it that I love. It gives the book and characters a bit of “texture” that looks great.


Punisher: Kill Krew #3 is just another wonderful entry into this series. I am happy that it is only five issues. I think that is the perfect number of issues for a series like this to not grow old or stale. Again, the synopsis of Punisher: Kill Krew is something at first I thought I wouldn’t like, but it has certainly won me over, and I legitimately got excited when I saw this issue was coming out this week.

The writing is near perfect as Duggan digs into the silliness with a touch of heart. Adding Foggy Nelson and the Juggernaut is fantastic and made the series even better. Juan Ferreyra truly does some stunning sequential work; from action to comedy, it all looks fantastic and just fits the story perfectly. Drop what you are doing and read this series!

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