Review- Punisher: Kill Krew #5 (Marvel Comics)

Punisher: Kill Krew #5
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Kill Krew #5

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Juan Ferreya
Letterer: Cory Petit
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release: November 20, 2019
Frank Castle has assembled a formidable team to take down the monsters that killed and ravaged families during War of the Realms, but now the team is trapped and might become ice giant food.


 “Spit Out the Bone” Punisher: Kill Krew #5


The final issue is here in Punisher: Kill Krew #5. Frank Castle has assembled a formidable team of the Unstoppable Juggernaut, The Black Knight and Lawyer/Matt Murdocks best friend Foggy Nelson! All traversing the realms in Franks “war van” pulled by Thor’s goat Toothgrinder! They are exacting revenge against creatures that left children orphaned after War of the Realms. There is only one beast left on the list the one that started it all, the Frost Giant Kasyckla. The creature that killed Frank Jones family who first came to Frank Castle.

The confrontation didn’t go well against Kasyckla. Frank and his crew are in dire straits, with only one person left to save them…Foggy Nelson. How will the mild mannered lawyer save the day, or can he?


Punisher Kill Krew #5(Marvel comics)cover art by Tony Moore
Punisher Kill Krew #5(Marvel) Cover Art by Tony Moore

Gerry Duggan wraps up this delightful little mini-series in Punisher: Kill Krew #5. This issue was just another fun romp with this odd ball group and it is just as fun as the previous issues of the series. It seems with each issue I liked this series more and more and Duggan delivers a wonderful finale for it.

I think the thing Duggan does best is adding in that bit of heart and “warmth” to the story. For all the goofy, silliness going on. Duggan grounds the story in some real heartbreak as we are dealing with people, much like Frank Castle who have literally lost everything. That little bit keeps the story from going completely off the rails with craziness, yet still be all kinds of weird fun at the same time. Duggan does an excellent job of mixing the two together.

Punisher: Kill Krew #5 also has a very touching ending that I was not expecting. I mean I know I just talked about how it has some endearing and heartbreaking qualities in it, but Gerry Duggan will take all the “wind out of your sails” in the final few pages.


Juan Ferreyra has become one of my favorite artist through this series. His wonderful detailed visuals, the energy and movement on the pages and the tremendous character acting really sold the story through the entire mini-series. He shows some great timing with panel layouts and structure. Whether it is action or comedy he hits the beats perfectly with his art and layouts for scenes.

He continues to drop some beautiful visuals in Punisher: Kill Krew #5. I can’t spoil anything but my gosh the last few pages again are stunning. The story is touching in of itself but with Ferreyra’s visuals it really hits home. The final page is also wonderfully done. The way Ferreyra uses darker colors, clashed against the white snow and street lamps is extraordinary. I would love to have the original art of that scene or a print, it looks that good.

I have been loving Ferreyra’s coloring work as well throughout the series. The “chalky” texture feel of his colors is fantastic. It has a bit of a “grit” to it that adds a little something extra to the book.


Punisher: Kill Krew was one of those rare gems for me. A book you really were not planning on reading or really had no interest in, but once you started it you could not put it down or wait for the next issue to come out. I usually don’t like the Punisher that much or overly “goofy” stories but the creative team did a fantastic job of making this series a ton of fun. I don’t know exactly what it is, but this series hit all the right notes for me. Five issues is the perfect length for a series like this. Just enough that that over the top antics didn’t stop being funny. It also helps that the story had a lot of heart to it as well.

Punisher: Kill Krew #5 wraps up the story perfectly well and has a truly emotional ending. If you haven’t, I implore you to go pick up the past four issues and just enjoy yourself


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