Review – Redhood and the Outlaws #18 (DC Comics)

Bizarro is Smart in Redhood and the Outlaws #18

Jason Todd (Redhood) is in a bit of a conundrum in Redhood and the Outlaws #18. He has confronted the H.I.V.E. Queen and is trusting tech that Bizarro has made to stop her. Yes, Bizarro is smart now. In fact, he is almost too smart for Artemis and Jason to not be suspicious. They don’t have time to question Bizarro’s sudden genius intellect as the Queen must be taken down before she takes over Gotham City! Bizarro has also invited a new member to join the Outlaws as The Creeper makes his grand entrance!

RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #18 - Cover Art by Mike McKone
RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #18 – Cover Art by Mike McKone

Apparently, Redhood and the Outlaws #18 is part 5 of an ongoing story arc. Well, honestly I just picked up this issue because it looked interesting and plus come on it teased The Creeper was in it! So I was a little lost story-wise, but that is my fault for just randomly jumping in (I have been doing this a lot lately). Scott Lobdell did do a very good job of having the story make sense to me and, for the most part, it was a fun read.

I like the whole Bizarro being smart business and him keeping how he became so smart a secret. That makes for an interesting team dynamic and intrigues me for future issues. The story was fun, it did not do anything crazy or “wow” me, but it was a solid superhero type story.


The art, much like the story, was okay and for the most part pretty solid comic book art. Again, nothing crazy or good or bad either way. Sergio Sandoval and Juan Albarran do a serviceable job and get the story across. The only real hang-ups from an art perspective I had were the facial expressions on the characters, which need a lot of work. They are severely lacking and really do not get the emotions the characters are having during different scenes across. Some minor body proportion things also hold the art back. There is a stellar shot of The Creeper squatting in the shadows that is really great. I love the way the shadows lay on his body and how his eyes glow.

Really the best thing about Redhood and the Outlaws #18 is Michael Atiyeh’s coloring. Atiyeh does some really outstanding work on this issue. From Redhood’s “helmet” really popping off the pages to the wonderful blend of The Creepers odd color scheme, Atiyeh really makes the art stand out in this issue. 


I jumped in toward the end of a storyline in Redhood and the Outlaws #18 and was pretty surprised by the issue. It was not the best thing I have ever read, but it was not bad either. I was not completely lost story-wise and, while it did not make me want to pick up the back issues, it does have me vaguely interested in continuing this storyline. The art again is serviceable; it does have its hang-ups, but overall not terrible art. The coloring really helps, as Atiyeh does an incredible job. Plus, come on, The Creeper is in this issue so it gets brownie points for that!

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