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Remnant #1

Writer: Michael Roslen 
Artist: Karly Engracia
Colorist: Davi Comodo
Letterer: Sean Rinehart
Publisher: Source Point Press
Maturity Rating: Not Rated
Release Date: April 29, 2020

Earth is slowly wasting away and mankind must find a new home. It is one family and three generations that try to make the planet of Mars habitable for humans in Remnant #1.


“The Red Planet” Remnant #1

Remnant #1 is a one-shot story that follows three generations of a family. But they are not any family; they are the first inhabitants of Mars. The Earth is slowly dwindling away and it will not be long until it is uninhabitable for people. It is up to a few people to take the terrifying journey to Mars to attempt to make it livable. One family’s journey is to make plant life thrive to where we can farm and eat. See their journey as they try to forge a new path for the human race.


Remnant #1 (Source Point Press) cover by Karly Engracia
Remnant #1 (Source Point Press) cover by Karly Engracia

If you follow any of my reviews you know I am a big fan of one-shot stories, and Michael Roslen delivers a whopper of one in Remnant #1. Now, the sci-fi concept of the story is not anything new. There have been countless stories about the Earth dying and trying to make other planets’ habitat (mostly Mars) livable. Where Roslen excels in is telling this story through the eyes of three generations: from the first people to get there, to the first born there, and then continuing on.

It is a great little concept to see how each generation goes through the process of trying to make Mars livable through their trials and tribulations. Roslen does a good job of connecting us with the characters and bringing about the different struggles they have through work and family in a crazy stressful situation in Remnant #1.

The only downfall to Remnant #1 is that it is a regular page-length comic book with 22 pages. While it does deliver a satisfying story from beginning to end, I would have liked a bit more (I guess that is a good thing as well). I feel maybe we could have used a little more time with each character to really build an attachment to them. By the end it is interesting, but I am not sure I really care, either.


As much as I enjoyed the basis of the story in Remnant #1, I cannot say the same for the art. I wouldn’t say the art is particularly bad, but it does not enhance or really help the story at all. From a visual storytelling standpoint, I hardly noticed the art. It didn’t help bring anything to the characters or what was happening. The characters look, and just feel, awkward at times, as well.

That is not to say there are not some good sequences in Remnant #1 from Karly Engracia and Davi Comodo. There is a great shot of a dead leaf falling down. The panel is very well done, the way the light is hitting and shining is perfect. The colors work well in that sequence and a few others.

It is just that there is nothing memorable about the art; it felt like more of a distraction and did not boost or enhance the story in any way. The coloring feels out of place and, honestly, just doesn’t work with the book.


The story of Remnant #1 is a novel look at a sci-fi trope. It was interesting to look at the concept of making another planet a “new Earth” through three different generations. I wish it would have been a bit longer to really get into the characters and more into the story. I just can’t get over the art; comic books are a visual medium and I feel the art took away from the story instead of enhancing it. Still, it was a good one-shot story, with an interesting ending.

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