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Resonant #1( Vault Comics) cover art(detail) by Alejandro Aragon
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Writer: David Andry

Artist: Alejandro Aragon

Colorist: Jason Wordie

Letterer: Deron Bennett

Maturity Rating: Teen +

Publisher: Vault Comics

Release: July 24, 2019

Humanity’s darkest desires are released devastating the world. Paxton has kept himself and three children alive. But now a routine trip to recover medicine for his chronically sick child turns their world upside down.


“Waves come, go and crash” Resonant #1


In Resonant #1, we find ourselves transported to a world where humanity’s darkest impulses have been unleashed. “Waves” come and people have no choice but to let loose there darkest desire. Paxton, a single father has kept his three children alive for over a decade in the mass hysteria and destruction that has been unleashed. Now his youngest child who is chronically ill needs some medicine. Paxton runs into trouble now the kids are alone and he struggles to get back to them!


Resonant #1( Vault Comics) cover art by Alejandro Aragon
Resonant #1( Vault Comics) cover art by Alejandro Aragon

David Andry scripts a fantastic first issue in Resonant #1. The beats are tight and he tells a compelling story in a few pages while setting up a larger world and narrative a the same time. The issue is scary and thrilling; it has heart and the characters are immediately grasped within the first few pages. It really is some great work from Andry that he sets the characters up so well in this first issue.

The whole plot of some mysterious “wave” that passes through every so often that basically turns everyone for lack of a better word “crazy”. With the only for warning coming from cicada bugs “chirping” before it happens. Is a novel idea, while not wholly original it is the family and characters we are presented within Resonant #1 that sales the story. Andry does a great job of not focusing on the “waves” and the surrounding darkness of humanity. Instead, he quickly builds up the Paxton family and gets you invested in their story. For such few pages, it is fantastic storytelling. 


The Alejandro Aragon does some solid artwork throughout Resonant #1. His “sketchier” rough lined type style fits effectively well for the story. He has great character work as well as each individual has their own characteristics and look. The only real problem I had with the art is for some reason in close-ups on characters there are a lot of just random lines through them coming straight down. It looks very odd and off. Other than that there are some great visuals in this issue.

Aragon does an extraordinary job of ramping up the tension throughout the issue. As the “wave” starts coming you can feel the stress start coming on the characters through some tight, sharp panel working and energetic art sequences. It helps build a shocking amount of tension for the story. The colors by Jason Wordie are also excellent at building the tension of the series. The sky and background turn a blood red as the “wave” starts to come. It is a great contrast to the beautiful forest environment with bright greens and blues painted before it happens.


Resonant #1 is an excellent first issue and new comic at Vault Comics. It is fast-paced and effective in not only building a new world and introducing us to new characters but getting us invested in them quickly. While the main plot may not be the most original thing ever the characters and their emotions surrounding it is what will draw the reader in. 

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