Review – Rocket Raccoon #2


Rocket Raccoon #2Rocket Raccoon…Rocket Raccoon…what can really be said here?  Rocket has his own series and so far it is just brilliant.  Just days since the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy, the nerd universe is a little Guardians crazy at the moment and anything related is being scooped up by fans and collectors alike.  Now I will admit that I am jumping on the bandwagon here because I have never really cared much for Guardians of the Galaxy or the related characters.  That is until the movie was announced and I saw it.  But this isn’t a movie review, it is a review of Rocket Raccoon.

I am generally not a fan of comedic takes on characters…but with words and art by Skottie Young, I am starting to rethink.  Young is mostly known for his very cute and humorous variant covers and a lot of critics and fans were surprised that he was given his own book, not only to do art but to write for as well.  Most of us took a wait and see attitude secretly hoping that it wouldn’t be a disaster.  Now Skottie is two issues in and so are the reviews.  As far as this reviewer is concerned, Skottie Young’s Rocket Raccoon gets a big thumbs up.


I think it’s sweet, Rocket.  You seem like you have a lot of love to give and if your race is still alive and you meet the girl of your dreams and she doesn’t want to return your love and start a family, you should just chop her little head off, hollow it out and use it for a cereal bowl.  Fine, if you hate cereal that much you can use it for soup.


Rocket is framed for a murder that he didn’t commit, at least this time.  The real killer is a being like him and as Rocket is very proud of the fact that he’s one of a kind, it doesn’t sit too well with him.  So in true Rocket fashion, he turns himself in and asks to be sent of the most secretive and high security prison around.  But Rocket always has a plan and with the aid of one of his Guardian buddies, he breaks out and begins the search for what could be a link to others like him.

Pretty simple and easy to tell story here…no great intricate plot points, no shocking twists, just a brilliantly told story with action, comedy and a whole lot of Rocket sarcasm.  This issue, like the last was just fun to read…so much fun in fact, I read through it twice before beginning my review.  Skottie Young so far has shown he’s as good a writer as he is an artist and he has started what I see turning into something really great.  You could do worse than picking up Rocket Raccoon #2 this week, especially if you loved the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

What Young has done here is make you care about what is going on and for Rocket without taking things too seriously.  This issue is a fun ride, with the centerfold prison break sequence being a true feast for the eyes.  This series is definitely getting added to my monthly pull list and like another hidden gem I discovered this week, I look forward to exploring more of the Guardians characters.


Rocket Raccoon #2

Writer:  Skottie Young

Art:  Skottie Young

Colors:  Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Letters:  Jeff Eckleberry

Cover Art:  Skottie Young


Rocket Raccoon #2 Rocket Raccoon #2 Rocket Raccoon #2



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