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Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Andy MacDonald
Colorist: Nick Filardi
Letterer: Crank!
Publisher: Oni Press
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Release Date: April 1, 2020

Lonely Orphan is already a strange planet with no star system. Its atmosphere is hospitable, but it holds dangers far from ordinary for any crew that enters its domain,


No Escape From Rogue Planet #1

Cullen Bunn, Andy MacDonald, and Nick Filardi bring the horror to life in Rogue Planet #1. Interstellar travel has changed the world and humans have intermingled with the stars. In this far future, business and opportunity are everywhere, but space still holds a variety of secrets and horrors yet to be found. A salvage ship is about to stumble upon one of these as they follow a signal to a planet without a star system dubbed the “Lonely Orphan”. Though its atmosphere is hospitable, the land is unforgiving with toxic gases and dangerous landscapes. The salvage ship looks to find untold treasures; what they find is something unspeakable.


Rogue Planet #1 (Oni Press) cover by Andy MacDonald
Rogue Planet #1 (Oni Press) cover A by Andy MacDonald

Cullen Bunn weaves an odd sci-fi horror tale in Rogue Planet #1. The opening scene is all sorts of weirdness that sets the tone of the issue extremely well. After the first few pages, you pretty much know what kind of story you are in for. I like that Bunn immediately sets the mood of the story. 

Bunn does a great job of building up the tension in the story. From when we are first introduced to the salvage ship and crew there is this uneasiness to the story. As Bunn introduces us to the crew, you can feel right off the bat that something is not right and the mission is not going to go as planned.

There are a lot of crew members in the issue, and for a first issue, it is hard to really get to know any of them. They all get good introductions, but there are just too many of them. That makes it hard to really build a connection to anyone in particular.

Bunn does a wonderful job of just dropping us into this world. We don’t really get an explanation of much, but Bunn does a great job of letting us know what we need to know. From time and place and situation, Bunn lets the story divulge all that to the reader in a timely manner. He lets us know what we need to and lets the story develop.


Andy MacDonald on art and Nick Filardi on colors greatly enhance that eerie, dreadful tone of Rogue Planet #1. MacDonald has a nice detailed style. I love seeing all the tubes and connections on the ship as our characters look to land on this planet. The planet is wonderfully detailed as well, as we see some odd crystals and unique landforms.

MacDonald frames the book superbly well. It feels very claustrophobic and tight. Even out on the planet you still get this feeling of not being able to escape. MacDonald does a good job of framing and sequencing the panels and pages to build up that good tension before everything goes haywire.

I guess the only real downfall art-wise is, again, with so many characters. When they are out of the suits they all have great individual looks, but once they suit up to go out on the planet I had no clue really who anybody was, and with so many, couldn’t match a face with a name.

Nick Filardi’s colors are fantastic in Rogue Planet #1. It has that wonderful dark, yet bright sci-fi feel. It really brings the whole tone of the issue together.


I think the best thing about Rogue Planet #1 is that the whole creative team works perfectly together to build the sci-fi horror tone of the series. From the writing, to the art and colors, it all works seamlessly together to have this overarching tension-filled horror feel to the series. The first issue does a lot of things well. It drops us into this future world and gets the story started right away. There is no confusion about what is happening and why. The only big deal is that there are a lot of characters and once they suited up I really had no idea who was who.

If you are into sci-fi horror then Rogue Planet should be right up your alley. It has the tone and feel that you want from a horror series like this and it is only going to get weirder and more grotesque.

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