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Rogue Planet #2
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Rogue Planet #2

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Andy MacDonald
Colorist: Nick Filardi
Letterer: Crank!
Publisher: Oni Press
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Release Date: June 24, 2020

The planet Lonely Orphan has many secrets and the salvage crew that just landed on it are finding that the treasure it holds may not be worth the price they have to pay.


“The Most Loneliest Day” Rogue Planet #2

In the previous issue of Rogue Planet, we were introduced to the crew of the salvage ship Cortes. They recently arrived at a planet dubbed “the Lonely Orphan” due to its lack of a star system. The Lonely Orphan has a payload the crew could only dream of, but something is very strange about the planet. The ground crew gets attacked by something and panic sets in. In Rogue Planet #2 the ground crew tries to figure out exactly what happened while, back on the ship, the rest of the crew is about to find out what kind of nightmare they are in for on the Lonely Orphan. Best to turn on the light, as Rogue Planet #2 will bring you into some dark places in the depths of space.


Rogue Planet #2 (Oni Press) cover by Andy MacDonald
Rogue Planet #2 (Oni Press) cover by Andy MacDonald

Cullen Bunn does an excellent job in Rogue Planet #2 of just setting a very creepy scenario and vibe. Throughout the issue there is just this uneasiness that vibrates. You can feel that tension as the crew explores the planet and tries to figure out what exactly happened. Also, there is great character dialogue. Bunn gets us a little more familiar with everybody while continuing to push the story along.

What I think Cullen Bunn does wonderfully well in Rogue Planet #2 and the first issue is that we have this far-future setting, but he doesn’t let that take the focus away from this horror story. He sets it up simply and doesn’t over-convolute it. He keeps it kind of simple so as to not take away from what is happening on the pages.

There is a great, intense vibe throughout Rogue Planet #2. It feels dark, a little claustrophobic, and presents a fear of not really knowing what is going to happen. I do have questions about the end of this issue. Obviously I won’t spoil it, but I like and don’t like it. It is an odd ending that raises questions and has me interested in answers. On the other hand—and I will have to talk about it vaguely—it takes away a bit of the tension of these characters being stranded on this planet.


All that tension, feeling of dread, and such I talked about in Rogue Planet #2 is perfectly captured by Andy MacDonald and Nick Filardi. MacDonald does a delightful job of framing sequences and setting up scenes to give off that foreboding tone. Just the way he sets up different angles and scenes brings all that uneasy feeling into Rogue Planet #2.

I think his style works well for the story. It is very detailed; tons of little things in the ship, on the planet, and on the characters’ clothes/uniforms really just bring you into the story. Just a fantastic amount of detail in the issue. He also does some nice character design, as well. Everyone has an individual look and feel. 

Nick Filardi does some exceptional work on colors, as well. He does a great job in Rogue Planet #2 of mixing some darker and lighter colors. The backgrounds have a lot darker coloration, which fills the issue with that ominous tone, while the characters have these bright-colored face masks on their suits. The brighter colors cutting through the darkness kind of builds a little more tension in the issue.


Rogue Planet #2 adds a bit more to this series. It builds upon the first issue and ratchets up the horror vibe even more. Cullen Bunn does a great job of keeping the story focused and not straying far from the sci-fi/horror elements. The art is wonderful, as well. The art team does an awesome job of building that nice fearful/dreadful tone for the series.

The book does a great job of engulfing you into the story. It is paced well and keeps you interested throughout. I do have a slight hang-up with the ending, but it also has me interested to read the next issue. So, apparently it still works, from that perspective. If you want a good sci-fi/horror book then you can’t miss out on Rogue Planet right now.

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