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Rogue Planet #3
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Rogue Planet #3

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Andy MacDonald
Colorist: Nick Filardi
Letterer: Crank!
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Publisher: Oni Press
Release Date: July 29, 2020

The planet Lonely Orphan continues to ravage the ship’s crew, but why and how? What is this planet exactly, and what do its inhabitants want with the Cortes’ crew?


“Depths of Darkness” Rogue Planet #3

We have been on a wild ride with Rogue Planet. After the first two issues, the crew of the salvage ship Cortes is slowly learning the planet, Lonely Orphan, is not to be trifled with. The ground crew sent to claim the treasure that brought them to this godforsaken planet was met by some strange creature that decimated their ranks. Back on the ship, the other crew members didn’t fare much better. Something started killing them and taking over bodies. To make things worse, an alien race captured them. Things couldn’t get much bleaker in Rogue Planet #3 …could they?

Rogue Planet has been a solid sci-fi horror book so far and Rogue Planet #3 sets out to intensify that. Cullen Bunn, Andy MacDonald, and Nick Filardi dig the reader deeper into what exactly the Lonely Orphan may be and what the crew of the Cortes has stumbled upon. What horrors await them as we take another trip to the unknown?


Rogue Planet #3 (Oni Press) cover by Andy MacDonald

Cullen Bunn has slowly peeled back the layers to this story. He has steadily started to develop what is actually happening in this series. It has been a nice slow burn and each issue I find myself more and more intrigued with what is happening.

Now, I was not too keen on the whole other alien race thing. Not really sure why, but I liked the idea of the crew versus this creature alone. But in Rogue Planet #3 Bunn starts to expand on these other aliens, so it is starting to grow on me a bit.

The only thing about this series is, now, on Rogue Planet #3, I still really have no clue who any of these characters are. It is a bit hard to differentiate one character from the other, or really care about them. It is not a terribly bad thing, as the book is more about the horrors happening to them and the mystery of the planet. But I wouldn’t mind a little more development for some of the characters.

I continue to dig the eerie vibe of Rogue Planet. It continues to have this sinister/unnatural feel to it. As the characters start to understand in Rogue Planet #3 that this place is bad, that feeling intensifies throughout the issue. Bunn does a great job of infusing that feeling throughout this series.


The more issues of Rogue Planet I read the more I like Andy MacDonald‘s art. Not that I didn’t like it before, just that it seems to work better and better for this series as it progresses. He also does a great job of producing that uneasy/spooky feeling throughout the series and in Rogue Planet #3

There is a fantastic horror creature thing in Rogue Planet #3. I don’t want to spoil it at all so I can’t even describe it, but McDonald does a great job of bringing this thing to life. It is also a very shocking reveal, and a delightful setup and page-turn for a nice jump-scare. Fantastic detail and wonderful panel setups.

Nick Filardi also continues to deliver some great colors in Rogue Planet #3. I think the coloring by Filardi really adds to that creepy vibe of the comic. Rogue Planet has some really bright, almost neon looking coloration throughout the book. It adds this brightness to the book that you don’t expect. I think that all adds to the feel of the series.


I am not huge into horror comics but I have been digging Rogue Planet. It is a nice, ominous, sci-fi horror book that slowly sucks you in. Rogue Planet #3 continues to do that as it starts to reveal what the true intentions of this planet may be. We follow along as the crew members of the salvage ship Cortes find out more horrific truths.

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