Review – Rogue Planet #5 (Oni Press)

Rogue Planet #5 (Oni Press) cover (detail) by Andy MacDonald
  • Writing - 7.5/10
  • Art - 8.5/10
  • Overall - 8/10

Rogue Planet #5

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Andy MacDonald
Colorist: Nick Filardi
Letterer: Crank!
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Publisher: Oni Press
Release Date: September 30, 2020

With only two survivors left, the Cortez’s crew’s easy money gig has turned into a waking nightmare that there may be no surviving.

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Face Your Fears in Rogue Planet #5

The final issue of the sci-fi horror madness is here in Rogue Planet #5. With the whole crew of the Cortez dead except for Alex and Glory, things are looking grimmer than ever on the planet Lonely Orphan. What are these strange alien creatures that live on this desolate planet? Are they feeding on fear? Or worshipping the thing that does? Can Alex and Glory make it off the Lonely Orphan alive or with their sanity? 

Rogue Planet #5 (Oni Press) cover by Andy MacDonald
Rogue Planet #5 (Oni Press) cover by Andy MacDonald

What started out as a seemingly easy and quick cash-grab for the salvage crew aboard the Cortez has turned into a living nightmare. What other secrets is the planet Lonely Orphan holding and what are its inhabitants doing its bidding for? The answers are in the pages of Rogue Planet #5.


Cullen Bunn has been weaving a wild sci-fi/horror tale in this Rogue Planet series. I figured the ending would be pretty strange and weird. Honestly, I kind of figured the ending out a bit, but still was not prepared for the oddness that Bunn delivered in Rogue Planet #5.

It is one of those conclusions that I like and also do not like at the same time. I have to be a little careful not to spoil anything, but the ending is a little vague as to exactly what happens or why. But at the same time, I like the vagueness and just general weirdness that wraps up this series. It feels unsatisfying, as we are left with a bit of a head-scratcher, yet satisfying and appropriate for the series at the same time. 

Bunn did do a great job of pacing and building this series. I like that it really only takes place within a few hours of time. Bunn did a great job of pacing this issue and all the others. He also added some great tension throughout the issues, while also slowly peeling back the layers of this story.


Andy MacDonald has been a standout artist for this series. He continues to deliver some splendid visuals throughout Rogue Planet #5. He has a wonderful detail styled that has worked wonders to build the world of Rogue Planet. MacDonald captures all the wild sci-fi elements extremely well. I love all the little details in the characters’ suits and crafts.

MacDonald has also captured the horror element of the series well. There have been some good body horror type images throughout that he details well. Also just the great eerie feel he gives the series brings that horror element to the forefront of the series. Just all-around great character work and design throughout the series by MacDonald.

Nick Filardi on colors also continues to shine in Rogue Planet #5. Filardi has done a fantastic job of mixing in darkness with some wildly bright colors throughout this series. I have talked about it a lot in my other reviews of this series but Filardi does a great job of bringing these bright, almost neon type colors into the series but making them feel a part of everything. They do not seem out of place; they fit and work with the story well.


Rogue Planet #5 wraps up this sci-fi/horror tale. It is one of those endings that you kind of need to sit down and talk to somebody about. It completes the story but also leaves some things to be figured out. A little frustrating, but also fun to think about as well.

As a whole, I have enjoyed Rogue Planet. I am not a huge sci-fi/horror fan but this series has been a good, fun little romp. It has held my attention and is something I have looked forward to reading every month it came out.

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