Review – Marvel’s Runaways S01E04: Fifteen

Marvel’s Runaways  Ramps Up the Tension

After last week’s three episodes of Marvel’s Runaways, I’m sure we were all hoping for a little more drama and tension to up the ante. Sure, the first three were a great introduction to the heart of Runaways, but there were a few things missing. Well, everything we were missing comes together in this week’s episode of Runaways! Hold on to your hats, folks!


Episode four of Runaways is all about the characters—kids and adults—tracking someone or something. The six kids split up into teams of pro-parent and anti-parent; Dale and Stacey Yorkes head out to find their prehistoric guard dog; and Victor Stein and Robert Minoru look for a new sacrifice.

Runaways S01E04 Nico and Alex
Runaways, Photo Credit: Hulu

Without conflict, there is no story (at least not a good one) so I understand why the writers have the kids take sides. Unfortunately, this means we see very little of Molly, which really is too bad. I loved the development of her character in the third episode, “Destiny,” and was hoping to see more happen there. But we do see the rest of the six interact in new ways! 

I particularly loved watching Karolina and Gert work together to find some proof of their parents’ innocence. Their personalities are so different from one another’s. I think having them form a closer bond—or “sisterhood” as Gert calls it—will allow them to grow. They can learn from each other and Gert proves that in this episode. While searching in Leslie Dean’s office for clues, Gert comments on the Church of Gibborim—Karolina’s church. She says it has some beautiful things to offer, even if it is an organized religion. Then, surprisingly, Gert apologizes for making fun of Gibborim and Karolina accepts her apology with grace.

As I mentioned in last week’s review, Dale and Stacey Yorkes are by far my favorite characters in the show. Not only are they funny and adorable, they are far more sympathetic than the other members of the Pride. While the others make threats and have sinister agendas, I sense the Yorkeses got into this mess against their will. In this episode, they plan to escape the Pride, to fall off the grid with their two kids. Unfortunately, their hopes and dreams are foiled by Tina Minoru. But maybe this will force them to enlighten Gert and Molly as to what’s going on? That’d be cool! Whatever they do, I hope to see more of these two in future episodes.

Runaways S01E04 Yorkeses
Runaways, Photo Credit: Hulu

I was surprised to see a new side to Victor Stein, Chase’s brilliant, and abusive, father. James Marsters has been in quite a few movies and television shows over the years and his talent shines in this week’s episode of Runaways. Last week, I felt that Victor wasn’t quite convincing, but it seems that Marsters is sitting well in his character’s seat. I can’t wait to see what happens between him and Chase!


A few things stood out to me in this week’s Runaways episode. First and foremost, I’d like to give a shout-out to Chase. Yeah, he did some standup shiz last week, but his honor and his sense of what is right are exemplified in this episode. Chase stands by his decision to “betray” (heavy on those quotation marks, please) his lacrosse buddies and rescue Karolina. Being a star lacrosse player could open a lot of doors for him in the future, but Chase gives it all up! Why? Because he can’t fathom being teammates with such scumbags.

My one gripe about this is: why aren’t the adults doing anything about this?! We still don’t know if Chase spilled the beans about these jocks and their intentions, but if someone doesn’t, I’m gonna freak out. Sexual harassment and rape are serious issues that should not be left untouched. I don’t know. Maybe this show is making a commentary on how victims feel too intimidated and ashamed to be honest about their experiences. But it would be nice to see an adult get in there and dish out some justice!

Runaways S01E04 Chase and Karolina
Runaways, Photo Credit: Hulu

Now, on another low note—I’m pretty disappointed about some of these special effects. Karolina’s sparkle-skin could be so much better! Okay, it’s not the worst ever, but it’s not the best, either. Maybe too much money went toward the raptor, which—to be honest—isn’t so great. Jurassic Park did a better job in 1993. But these are minor issues that don’t make the show any less enjoyable, so I’ll put up with them…. for now.


One thing I am very impressed by is the soundtrack for Marvel’s Runaways. Oh my gosh, it’s just perfect. I’m grateful that some amazing soul created a Spotify playlist with songs from the official soundtrack—and plans to update it weekly! So far, so good. I’ll just go listen to Bastille’s “Blame” now, kthxbye!

Side note: I would like to know if there’s an official recorded release of Gert’s lullaby from episode two, “Rewind.” It’s a pretty awesome song with a haunting melody, so if you find a good recording, let me know!


Runaways delivered enough suspense and tension this week to keep me hooked. Granted, I would probably watch this show even if it was terrible because I love the comic series. Fortunately, this show is not terrible! It’s a little slow, yeah, but I’m okay with that if that means seeing more of the Yorkeses! But if the lead actors continue to fall deeper into their roles, I’m sure Runaways will be around for quite a few seasons.

How do you feel about Marvel’s Runaways so far? Is it meeting your expectations or just missing them? Let us know in the comments!

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