Review – Marvel’s Runaways S01E06: Metamorphosis

Marvel’s Runaways  Turns Up the Heat

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned how I craved more tension and drama in Marvel’s Runaways. Thankfully, episode five and episode six did not disappoint! As Chekhov said, never place a loaded gun on the stage if it isn’t going to go off and last week’s episode ended with a boom. This week, our teenaged team continues down the dark path of revealing the Pride’s misdeeds. Meanwhile, half the team begins rekindling relationships with their parents, and romantic relationships between parents are revealed!

Romantic Reveals

Romance is the main source of conflict in episode six of Runaways. We could already guess at the history between Jonah (Julian McMahon) and Leslie (Annie Wersching) after last week’s episode. Sure, the rest of those pieces fall into place, but where does that leave Frank (Kip Pardue)? He clearly loves Leslie, but I can’t tell how she feels about him and it’s driving me crazy, people! Yeah, she probably married him for his money, but there are moments when Leslie seems to care about Frank. So what’s going to happen when Jonah reveals his dirty secrets?

Speaking of dirty secrets, dang, Victor! He laid everyone else’s cards on the table in front of a rather large audience. Yikes! How embarrassing, but also—how effing awesome! I don’t know if I would’ve done the same thing, but I’d like to think that I would. Suck it, Janet!

Runaways S01E06 Nico and Staff
Marvel’s Runaways, Photo Credit: Hulu

Oh, but poor Tina. I think? Yes? Tina is kind of a terrible person and a terrible mother, but still—she doesn’t deserve to be cheated on, right? Right? I don’t think so, but maybe I’m wrong. Sure, these people definitely lean toward the amoral side, but they still have feelings. As Nico said, would a murderer cry her heart out like that?

Alright, alright. Enough about the parents. Episode six reveals our love triangle to actually be a love… pentagon? Uh. Well, if you’ve read the comics, this comes as no surprise. And if you saw Karolina checking out those girls at the party a few episodes ago, bully for you! Because yeah, Karolina isn’t what Gert calls “heteronormative.”

I’m so glad they kept this character bonus in the show because LGBTQ representation is awesome and necessary! Yay, Marvel and Hulu! But I am a little nervous to see how that pentagon plays out. Poor Karolina, poor Chase, poor Nico—poor everybody! As if there wasn’t enough drama going on already! Sheesh.

Performance Envy

Runaways S01E06 Tina Crying
Marvel’s Runaways, Photo Credit: Hulu

As always, Wersching delivers a stellar performance. She has mastered the art of duality—emitting both a sense of compassion and antipathy. Though several of the male actors in this show are commendable favorites, Wersching impresses me time and time again.

I am so happy to see McMahon as part of this season’s cast. A favorite in the fantasy and science fiction genres, McMahon’s presence solidifies Runaways’ credibility. Sure, it’s a Marvel show and a Hulu original series, but a lot of the actors aren’t big-name guys or gals. McMahon and James Marsters are both well-known actors who make up for the sometimes-cheesy writing and acting.

On that note, holy cow, Marsters! Victor was not a loveable character in the first few episodes, but boy has he turned around. Sure, a lot of the credit goes to the writers, but Marsters is a master. I mean… did you see when he realized that his son is afraid of him? That expression was micro but magnificent. I can’t think of many others on the cast who could’ve pulled that scene off so perfectly.


Runaways S01E06 Karolina Flying
Marvel’s Runaways, Photo Credit: Hulu

I doubt I need to say this, but I’m so into Runaways, guys. The first few episodes were a little “meh,” but these past two episodes have changed the name of the game. My favorites haven’t changed, no, but I’m adding more to the list. I’m just dreading the day when the parents’ roles are dialed down. Hopefully, they aren’t eliminated, but if the show is anything like the comics, brace yourself for some sadness.

Otherwise, I only have a couple qualms. Again, the special effects just aren’t that great. Karolina’s sparkly glow is worse this episode, which is a disappointment. Also, Molly’s character seemed to change a bit this episode. She was pretty good at hiding the team’s secrets only a few episodes ago, yet she messes up this week? Seems like there’s a little inconsistency with her writing, but we’ll see happens.

Who’s your favorite character on Marvel’s Runaways? Is this Hulu original series everything you dreamed it would be? Let us know in the comments!

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