Review – Marvel’s Runaways S01E08: Tsunami

Secrets Are Shared in Marvel’s Runaways

After last week’s episode, I think we all expected something extraordinary in episode eight of Marvel’s Runaways. Though our teenaged heroes have yet to become the titular Runaways, many secrets are unveiled in “Tsunami.” Much of the episode focuses on the Pride’s efforts to save Victor Stein, but deeper and darker things are afoot. Thanks to Nico’s persistence, Alex reveals some details surrounding Amy’s death. Meanwhile, Molly receives a mystery gift from her dead parents.

Pride of Parents

Runaways S01E08 The Pride
Marvel’s Runaways / Photo Credit: Hulu

As Catherine Wilder says, the members of the Pride consider themselves to be just that: a pride. Though they don’t always get along, their relationships run long and deep. This is perhaps my favorite inclusion in this Hulu television series. We don’t get to know the Pride too well in the Marvel comics, which I’ve always found disappointing. Sure, we get some exposition here and there, but not much. Marvel’s Runaways fills in the gaps, which is awesome. I love seeing the intricate and delicate inner-workings of this sadistic (yet sympathetic) group.

Most importantly, all the Pride members are complicated. From Leslie Dean’s cryptic relationship with Jonah to Janet Stein’s choice to be a stay-at-home mom, there’s much to grasp. We’ve already learned several details about the Wilders, Yorkeses, and Deans, but there’s still much we don’t know about the Minoru and Hernandez families. Like, why does everyone hate Tina? Yeah, she’s pretty heartless, but what exactly has she done to deserve the backlash we see in episode eight? And let’s not forget the Hernandezes’ gruesome deaths.


Runaways S01E08 Amy Minoru
Marvel’s Runaways / Photo Credit: Hulu

The keyword for disaster is “tsunami.” While the Pride struggles to keep Victor alive, their kids’ friendships begin to dissolve. We’ve already seen this happen here and there in the previous seven episodes, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. But, to be honest, it’s getting a little old. First, the group has one voice, then several, then one again, etc. We get it—what’s going is a hot mess and teenagers are dramatic. There are a lot of powerful personalities in this group, so I understand the occasional disagreement. However, this back and forth nonsense isn’t keeping my interest. Give us something new, people!

I think part of my frustration stems from the continuously devolving performances of the actors. Rhenzy Feliz, who plays Alex, seemed so promising the first couple episodes. Sadly, I don’t feel that way anymore. In episode eight of Runaways, Feliz attempts to portray Alex’s grief and remorse, but his performance is unconvincing. The words and tonal fluctuations are there, but his eyes and face are blank. I almost walked away during Alex’s interactions with Nico this episode. Fortunately, these interactions bounce off flashbacks involving Amy, so I stayed seated.


Runaways S01E08 Tina Saves Robert
Marvel’s Runaways / Photo Credit: Hulu

It’s crazy to say, but despite the intense content of this episode, it was actually the least impressive. Most of the actors seem disconnected from their characters and despite watching it twice, I feel underwhelmed by “Tsunami.” But, the story is there, and really, that’s what I most care about. I’ve always loved the Runaways comic series, so I’ll remain a dedicated viewer of the show. And, honestly, you should too. I think Marvel’s Runaways will only get better with time. We have a lot of young actors who are still getting their feet wet in show business. No need to turn our backs on them now!

Did you enjoy this week’s episode of Marvel’s Runaways? Which member of the Pride is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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