Review – Marvel’s Runaways S01E09: Doomsday

Apocalyptic Consequences in Marvel’s Runaways

Last week on Marvel’s Runaways, PRIDE raced against time to save Victor Dean’s (James Marsters) life and didn’t quite succeed. Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) told Nico (Lyrica Ocano) that he knew that Amy (Amanda Suk) hacked Wizard Tech. They decide this may have led to her suicide. Molly (Allegra Acosta) finds a videotape from her deceased parents. It’s clear, however, at the end of the episode that Amy did not commit suicide.

This episode had all of the beats of a season’s penultimate episode. First, the kids begin the episode trying to find their footing after Chase (Gregg Sulkin) smashed Alex’s computer. Then, Molly quickly arrives at the school with her parents’ videotape, and the kids suddenly have a purpose again. They will stop the dangerous dig! They will defeat their parents! They will save California and the world! Sadly, it’s clear to the viewer that their path will not be that easy. Who knew that the, so far, innocent Frank Dean (Kip Pardue) could cause so much damage? Frank Dean’s desire to be accepted by Jonah and his wife led him to betray his daughter and her friends. The episode ends in a standoff between children and parents, with no obvious victor.

Secrets Shared

MARVEL'S RUNAWAYS / Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/Hulu.
MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS / Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/Hulu.

The Hernandez’s videotape and Frank Dean’s betrayal aren’t the only secret-revealing vehicles this episode. Alex and Nico realize what the audience learned at the end of the episode: Amy was murdered. This horrifies them, but they don’t have time to stop and really mull it over. This isn’t the only murderous revelation of the episode either. It’s been clear that the Hernandezes were murdered for quite a while, but with this episode, we learned the culprit. Unlike what the Yorkes’ believe, the actual culprit was Leslie. Tina was an accessory after the fact. It seems that Tina took the blame because of her enforcer-esque connection to Jonah, while Leslie’s true loyalty was ignored. Poor Tina was likely isolated from the other PRIDE members because most of them blamed her for the Hernandezes deaths.

Relationships become clearer this episode as well. Robert Minoru (James Yaegashi) is allowed to stay in his house after Tina saved his life last episode. Karolina (Virginia Gardner) reveals her crush on Nico, and they kiss. Gert (Ariela Barer) and Chase make their feelings clear to each other, and they go a bit farther than kissing.

The most interesting of these revelations is the parents’ realization of Karolina’s powers. Apparently, Leslie didn’t even know for sure. This leads to some other questions. For example, how did Karolina get a suppression bracelet if no one knew she had powers? Where did Karolina get her powers? Does Leslie have powers? It’s still not clear how Molly’s or Karolina’s powers work, and their powers are fascinating.

Although the answers we got this episode were satisfying, I’m worried about the number of answers that we may get next episode.


MARVEL'S RUNAWAYS - Photo by: Greg Lewis/Hulu
MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS – Photo by: Greg Lewis/Hulu

It’s not clear what questions, if any, will be answered next episode. The showrunners may be planning to save answers for a possible season two.  However, Hulu has not announced that Marvel’s Runaways is getting a second season. To make things more opaque, there aren’t enough viewing numbers that can give viewers an idea one way or the other. Whether the show gets renewed or not, this is my last review of the season. I wish this show had spent more time living up to its name and less time catering to the Los Angeles tourism board. This season could have been very different if they let the Runaways run away. Instead, they tried to have them fix what they had rather than burning bridges. 

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you excited for the finale? Tell us in the comments!

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