Review – Marvel’s Runaways S01E10: Hostile

Running Away and Facing Off With the Parents

Last week on Marvel’s Runaways, the kids discovered that Jonah’s (Julian McMahon) and PRIDE’s endgame was to use school construction to cover up a dig for an “energy source”. The Hernadezes discovered this source was dangerous and could lead to an apocalyptic scenario. The kids end up confronting their parents while trying to save California. During this confrontation, the parents learn about the kids’ powers. 

The Runaways (Almost) Run Away

MARVEL'S RUNAWAYS / Photo Credit: Hulu
MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS / Photo Credit: Hulu

In this episode, the teenagers finally start running away. They start by ensuring that all six of their members are safe since Karolina (Virginia Gardner) was briefly caught in the confrontation. Then Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) manages to secretly secure funds for their escape. Even after Alex returns, the sextet doesn’t seem in a rational hurry. This leads them to get caught with an Amber Alert at the bus station. You’d think that a show called Marvel’s Runaways would have shown the naming action earlier in the season. I would not be surprised if the Runaways were still hiding around Los Angeles in season two. Hey, tourism dollars probably help pay for Old Lace screentime.

In addition, the parents appear to be continuing their redemption arcs. Unlike in the comics, and in the advertising material, the parents aren’t shameless criminals here. It appears that two contingents of parents will be actively acting against Jonah, thereby allying themselves with their heroic children. In fact, it’s not clear who could have called the cops on the kids. All the adults who could have done so seem to be busy trying to make sure the kids don’t get killed. 

It’s not clear that Marvel’s Runaways has a solid plan. They started with modifying the evil of the main villains, since “parents are people too”. Now, they have one main and unequivocally evil villain, whom everyone seems to be teaming up against. However, there are still forces ensuring that the kids must still run away to the wilds of Los Angeles. Hopefully, the plot will become a touch more coherent with the three extra episodes the showrunners get next season.

Unsurprising Answers

MARVEL'S RUNAWAYS / Photo Credit: Hulu
MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS / Photo Credit: Hulu

This episode gave the viewer three answers to questions that have been prevalent throughout the season. However, none of these answers were particularly surprising. Two of the three answers (which I won’t spoil) were obvious for a couple episodes. The third answer wasn’t complete, but neither was it shocking. If Marvel’s Runaways is trying to surprise its audience with these reveals, they are distinctly failing. On the other hand, answers that come out of left field are often a result of bad writing. Foreshadowing can be crucial in reveals, and Marvel’s Runways has been consistent with that. The lack of surprise in reveals is symptomatic of something, but it’s not clear whether it’s positive or negative. 

This was the season finale for Marvel’s Runaways. This series has been renewed for a thirteen-episode second season, which will appear on the Hulu streaming service at some point in the future. 

What did you think about the Runaways season finale? Talk about it in the comments!

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