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Review – Savage Avengers #1 (Marvel Comics)

Savage Avengers #1
  • Writing - 8/10
  • Art - 7/10
  • Overall - 7.5/10
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Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.
Colorist: Frank Martin
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 1, 2019

Sometimes the regular Avengers aren’t around; sometimes the Secret Avengers aren’t the right team. Sometimes you need a team a little more rough around the edges, a team that doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty. Sometimes you need the Savage Avengers!

“Am I Savage?” Savage Avengers #1

There are a lot of “Avengers” in the Marvel Universe. There are the regular big-battle, Earth-needs-saving Avengers. You got your plucky go-getting West Coast Avengers. Heck, you even got your covert-ops Secret Avengers. But sometimes you need a team of ruthless, vicious scoundrels to get the job done. When a weird cult in the Savage Land starts sacrificing powerful people to bring forth the Marrow god, a new team must arise. Conan the Barbarian, Wolverine, the Punisher, Venom, Doctor Voodoo, and Elektra come together. They are the best at what they do, and what they do is not very nice, in Savage Avengers #1!


Savage Avengers #1 (Marvel Comics) main cover by David Finch
Savage Avengers #1 (Marvel Comics) main cover by David Finch

Gerry Duggan scripts a pretty tight first issue in Savage Avengers #1. This issue being a little oversized helps a lot as well. We get a good simple setup to what is going to bring this team together, and we are on our way. I do like that they give a short paragraph as to why Conan is in the Savage Land. If you haven’t been following Avengers: No Road Home that could be a little confusing.

As the solicit teases we get the classic “hero meets hero and fights” with Wolverine battling Conan in Savage Avengers #1. It is a nice classic trope that works well. Duggan also plays well with the interaction between the two and it is a fun little scrap-and-become-friends between the two brutes. The story feels like it moves fast, but again, at the end, it also feels like nothing much happens. I mean, we get the basic plot of why the group is coming together, but—slight spoiler—the group actually doesn’t come together in this issue. 

I am not 100% sure if this is a mini-series or an ongoing series. Seems like it should be a mini-series, but the way the first issue plays out makes it feel like an ongoing. Gerry Duggan seems to be taking his time actually getting all the players on the board. Not that that is a bad thing; I just hope the rest of the issues pick up a little more.


Mike Deodato Jr. brings his bombastic style to Savage Avengers #1. His heavy ink style and attention to detail work well for the issue. The opening scene of Conan fighting his way through the Savage Land looks great. He definitely brings the “savage” to life with his artwork. Every sword blow and arrow hit is caught with some brutal visuals. The fight between Wolverine and Conan is fantastic as well. It is as vicious and bloody as you would expect from the two.

I like that Deodato makes Wolverine look short. He has gotten a lot taller over the years, and Deodato sizes him down. But then he makes his arms massive, and at times he looks more like Puck than Wolverine with the amount of muscle. I would like a little slimmer Wolverine. It also seems Deodato gives everyone massive “boulder shoulders”; when Doctor Voodoo shows up it looks like he has been hitting the gym and those “special supplements”, which is a weird look for the character.

The coloring from Frank Martin is overall good, but it is a little much at times. He gives a nice dark tone to the series, which obviously, for the characters and subject matter, it works. But at times it feels a little overly dark. I am not sure if it’s just Frank Martin’s colors or the combination with Deodato’s heavy inking style. But at times it just feels like a little too much.


Overall, Savage Avengers #1 is a good start to the series. We get the basic setup and premise, and the clash between Wolverine and Conan is worth the price of admission. I do wish I got a little bit more out of the story than what was delivered in the first issue. The art is solid as well; while it does have some hang-ups, overall he fits the tone and feel of the story well. I am definitely picking up the next issue to see where this goes, and, I mean, Wolverine is in the tan and brown costume, so you can’t hate on that!

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