Review – Scout’s Honor #1 (AfterShock Comics)

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Scout's Honor #1

Writer: David Pepose
Artist: Luca Casalanguida
Colorist: Matt Milla
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: AfterShock Comics
Release Date: January 13, 2021

Kit is the best Ranger Scout around, and that means a lot more in the nuclear wasteland of the future. Ranger Scouts are the true survivors and the new leaders of this brave new world. But when Kit learns a terrible secret, it will change everything.

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Be Prepared! Scout’s Honor #1

Scout’s Honor #1 flings us into a nuclear wasteland of an apocalyptic future. Humans have survived like we always do. The leaders of this survival are the ones that have always been prepared…The Ranger Scouts. They survived the end of the world and brought mankind back; now, many years later, the Ranger Scouts rule the wasteland as the warriors and survivors. They are the elite of the elite. But one young Ranger Scout, maybe the best one there has ever been, Kip, is going to find a terrible secret about the Ranger Scout legacy and the deep dark secrets to the ideals that they hold so dear.


Scout's Honor #1 (AfterShock Comics) variant cover by Brent Schoonover
Scout’s Honor #1 (AfterShock Comics) variant cover by Brent Schoonover

Scout’s Honor #1 sounds like a bunch of familiar subjects. Ranger Scouts, aka “boy scouts”, being actual elite fighters much in the vein of Black Badge. Apocalyptic wastelands. Things not being what they seem. All of these are pretty familiar things throughout entertainment. David Pepose has the task of delivering a story that, while familiar, is also unique in its own way. Pepose does do that pretty well in Scout’s Honor #1.

Now, just to get it out of the way: there is a small twist in the middle I won’t spoil, but it is a bit eye-rolling. Not that it is bad, but it is a very common trope that doesn’t feel as shocking as the pages lead it to be. It adds an interesting dynamic to the story, but it is also something you are like “oh…okay”. The twist at the end is a little more exciting for the continuing story.

Pepose always does interesting character work. I love the things he did with Spencer and Locke and after Scout’s Honor #1 I am intrigued by these characters. It is also just an all-around solid first issue. I believe Pepose does a fantastic job of pacing and introducing characters and plot. He builds intrigue while still crafting a fun story, all in the first issue.


Luca Casalanguida is not a name I am familiar with but I will be looking out for him after reading Scout’s Honor #1. Great character design and overall look to the series. Luca Casalanguida has some solid pencil and line work in the issue. It has a little more texture and “edge” to it that helps it stand out.

There is a wonderful opening scene of Kit and some Ranger Scouts fighting a mutated boar. Casalanguida captures a delightful little chase scene and fight. Great sense of motion through the panels. He also captures emotions in characters well.

Matt Milla always delivers some splendid coloring work and that continues in Scouts Honor #1. He captures that post-apocalyptic wasteland feel perfectly. He uses more subtle base type colorations. It sets the whole mood and tone for the series with his coloring work.


Scout’s Honor #1 is a solid first issue. I was not really expecting much out of it, but by the end it had me hooked to pick up the second issue. It does follow a lot of tropes and feels very familiar. But the creative team does do a good job of still telling a unique individual story, as well.

Scout’s Honor #1 hits a lot of familiar formulas, but also finds a way to stand out, as well. We are introduced to maybe the best Ranger Scout ever, Kip. Surviving after the nuclear apocalypse was enough, but now Kip finds out a terrible secret about the Ranger Scouts. David Pepose, Luca Casalanguida, Matt Milla, and Carlos M. Mangual start off a wild journey in Scout’s Honor #1.

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