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Sea of Stars #3
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Writers: Jason Aaron & Dennis Hallum
Artist: Stephen Green
Colorist: Rico Renzi
Letterer: Jared K. Fletcher
Publisher: Image Comics
Maturity Rating: T
Release Date: September 4th, 2019

Sea of Stars #3 continues the vastly different journeys of father and son. One is having the time of his life; the other, a battle for it.


Father & Son and Two Differing Journeys in Sea of Stars #3

Sea of Stars #3 continues the tale of a separated father and son. Their tales diverged two issues ago, and ever since things have been rather chaotic for the pair. While one is having the time of his life, the other is battling for his own. The dichotomy of these two tales has been striking and leaves a lot of subtext for the readers to pick up on. And even while they slowly break our hearts, they simultaneously inspire and fill us with hope.

This series is a father/son tale like you’ve never seen before…yet the undertones are familiar and inescapable, and so very human. Perhaps that is the reason why this series has been so addictive.


Sea of Stars #3 (Image Comics) cover by Stephen Green
Sea of Stars #3 (Image Comics) cover by Stephen Green

Sea of Stars #3 continues telling us of the adventures of Gil and Kadyn. As mentioned above, they are two very different stories. And that’s partially the point. Both are dealing with their situations—and their emotions—in extremely different ways.

Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum have been co-writing the series from the start, and will hopefully both stay on for the entire project. It’s no wonder they’ve been able to infuse so much emotion into the series, given the duo’s reputations.

This issue managed to make the extreme between the two feel that much larger. Bringing flashbacks into the mix helped to explain the situation beforehand, which gave us even more context. Things may look grim, but there’s this hopeful tone to the series that’s almost heartbreaking. It’s impossible not to root for their unlikely reunion.


The artwork for Sea of Stars is absolutely stellar—no pun intended. The artwork has likely been one of the most talked-about parts of this series, and with good reason. The universe shown has been striking—full of vibrant colors and fascinating creatures.

Sea of Stars #3 is no exception. Here we see more creatures and plants for our characters to deal with. All with a dramatic backdrop, showing the farthest reaches of space. It’s no wonder this series has been getting so much attention.

Stephen Green was the lead artist for this issue, bringing life to the creatures mentioned. His grasp of the weird has given this series its own unique style. Meanwhile, Rico Renzi‘s colors bring the artwork to all new heights, again, no pun intended. And finally, Jared K. Fletcher‘s lettering was the icing on the cake. His work was vital and unobtrusive in the best ways.


Sea of Stars #3 was a vibrant and emotionally compelling tale, just like the first two issues. And I have no doubt that the future issues will continue to push the boundaries of this story. Readers have been anxious to get their hands on this series, to see what happens to this fractured father & son duo. And I’m one of them.

This series has managed to balance the unique and the familiar in some incredibly striking ways. The end result is something that feels organic—there’s no evidence of the series trying to hard to force us to care. That came as naturally as breathing.

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