Review – The Sentry #1 (Marvel Comics)

“The Man in the Mirror” The Sentry #1

The Sentry has been gone from the Marvel Universe for quite some time. That was until Dr. Strange enlisted his help a few months ago. Now he lives a double life. Most of the day he is Bob Reynolds, everyday man, working as a cook. But every 24 hours he enters his own created world where he is the Sentry, with the power of a thousand exploding suns. In this world, he fights the Void, the evil that exists inside of him. As long as he enters this world every 24 hours all is safe and okay. He gets to live his double life and the Void stays in check. Everything is going well until things go bad in The Sentry #1.


The Sentry #1 (Marvel Comics) cover by Bryan Hitch
Cover by Bryan Hitch

So, just to be clear, I know really next to nothing about the Sentry. Well, besides the basics and a quick glance at his Wikipedia page. That is to say, I don’t really care about the Sentry and have no significant attachment to him as a character. But a writer like Jeff Lemire taking on this five-issue miniseries is what got me on board. Lemire has been doing a wonderful job over at DC comics with The Terrifics, he had a very interesting take on Moon Knight recently, and he is doing some very thought-provoking stories about superheroes with his Dark Horse series Black Hammer. If anybody can make a Sentry story interesting it is Jeff Lemire. For the most part, he succeeds in The Sentry #1.

I like the look into the Sentry’s mind. How he is dealing with leading this double life and the burden of having to carry the emotional “weight” of the Void with him. It turns into an interesting character piece that Lemire plays with throughout the issue. Lemire introduces a good supporting cast in both worlds that add a new aspect to the character, giving him people to love and care about. I am still a little confused about how these two worlds work and how they work together. That is probably the most frustrating thing about The Sentry #1, really not knowing much about that aspect.


Kim Jacinto handles the art duties in The Sentry #1. Jacinto has a very unique style that is hard to pin down. It has that movement and scratchy penciling feel of Daniel Warren Johnson, but the characters also have this epic-yet-human feel of a Geoff Shaw style, coupled with a little Ryan Ottley for violence and intensity. Jacinto really has a style of his own that makes The Sentry #1 stand out. Now, I am not 100% sold on all the facial expression and character acting; there are a few panels and pages that are a little suspect in those areas. But everything else looks great.

Rain Beredo‘s colors work well in Sentry #1. His use of some duller tones in the real-world parts of the issue works well with the story. I like that he gives everything a little grittier, messier feel. The characters and landscape have this nice “dirty” feel to them.


I am still divided after reading The Sentry #1. I still do not care about the Sentry; the story didn’t grab me and have me clamoring for the next issue, which isn’t the best thing for a five-issue miniseries. But the story does have a nice twist and I am interested to see what Jeff Lemire does with it. The art is basically in the same category: it is good art, but again, it didn’t do anything amazing either. Basically, what has me coming back for at least issue #2 is to see what Jeff Lemire can do with the rest of this story.

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