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Sepulturum by Nick Kyme

Book Title: Sepulturum

Book Description: “A Warhammer Horror novel Morgravia Sanctus is being hunted. Hiding in the low-hive of Blackgheist, she pieces together the fragments of her broken memory, trying to regain her past even as a hideous plague sweeps the hive, turning men into monsters… READ IT BECAUSE Take a nightmare journey into a plague-wracked city where monsters stalk the streets and nothing can be trusted… including the memories of the protagonist. THE STORY Morgravia Sanctus is being hunted; why or by whom she doesn’t know. Something terrible has happened to her, a profound trauma that has left behind ‘red dreams’ and a physical agony that can strike at any moment. Her life in danger and her memory fragmented, she arrives in the low-hive of Blackgheist to escape her pursuers and search for ‘the Broker’ – a trafficker in memories and psychic mind manipulation. Soon after, a plague sweeps the city, turning its citizens into blood-hungry monsters. Order collapses, death and slaughter are rampant. Caught up in the carnage, Morgravia must flee once more. But as the ravening spreads, is there any hope of stopping this contagion?”

Book Author: Nick Kyme

Book Format: Hardcover

Publisher - Orgnization: Black Library

Publisher Logo:

Date published: March 3, 2020

Number Of Pages: 234

  • Writing - 8/10
  • Development - 8/10
  • Overall - 8/10


Morgravia Sanctus is both hunted and haunted. She knew she came to this planet to investigate something. Sepulturum is the story of her investigation, and its toll on one planet.

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A Dark and Twisted Tale in Sepulturum

Sepulturum is one of the more recent additions to Warhammer Horror, part of the Black Library collection. It’s a chilling tale involving monsters, men, and all of the other elements that make this game and universe so enticing.

Nick Kyme - SepulturumMorgravia Sanctus has headed to Blackgheist in hopes of piecing together her missing memories—ideally, before whoever is hunting her finally catches up. Deep down, she knows that this location, her missing memories, and her hunter are all connected. She just doesn’t know how. Not yet.

Sepulturum is perfect for fans of Warhammer that are looking for something a bit darker and twisted. It’s a horror tale with multiple perspectives (though Morgravia’s is the focal point), with a twist that’ll please certain fans of certain horror genres.


Nick Kyme successfully wrote so many different elements into Sepulturum. It’s a dark and twisted tale; that much was evident from the description alone. Yet there’s more to this novel than that. Rising above the darker elements is an ever-present sense of hope, courage, and the goodness of the human condition.

There’s a counter to all of those positive elements, of course. A toll, so to speak. The writing in this story gets dark, and it isn’t afraid to get graphic or show the monstrosities that have made their homes within humanity.

To say that it made for a chilling read would be an understatement. Yet there was something deeply satisfying in reading about Morgravia and her plight. The secondary characters fleshed out the world, and gave even more reasons to care. They gave us a reason to fear, and to hope.

I’ll admit that I, personally, was surprised by the multiple perspectives, since Morgravia was literally the only one mentioned in the description. While she is undoubtedly the driving force of this tale, it’s everyone else that made the story feel human.


Sepulturum is, without a doubt, one of those disturbing novels with a lot of build-up…right up until everything explodes, leaving the novel rushing through events and characters like they’re candy. At least, that was how it felt at the time.

Morgravia’s story was slow to unfold; yet, even from the beginning, there were hints about what had happened. It wasn’t until everything went wrong that the pace picked up significantly. Naturally, the risk picked up simultaneously.

The multiple perspectives helped to carry the story along, all while providing different views on the same series of events. It helped to show the scale of the horrors, while not quite revealing the depth. Not straight away, at any rate.

The conclusion felt a bit twisted, but in a way, that feels right. Sepulturum in itself was twisted and dark, so any way to wrap it up would have had to include those elements.


Sepulturum was every bit the dark and disturbing novel that I had been hoping for, and then some. It’s perfect for fans of Warhammer, and fans of horror looking to dive into this world. You don’t need to understand everything happening in 40k in order to understand the events that occurred here, so it’s a decent starting point.

This was a memorable read and is one I can’t recommend enough for this time of year. If you’re looking for a haunting read, look no further.

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