Review – Seven to Eternity #5

Seven to Eternity #5



In Seven to Eternity #5, Adam Osidis and the last of the Mosak Knights continue on their journey to rid the land of Zhal of the “Mud King”once and for all. Disguised as a circus troop traveling the lands the group is on their way to find an old wizard who can break the ties of mud king with out killing the millions he has influenced. Drawbridge was killed by the Mud Kings general The Piper who was running as a decoy to distract from the main group’s effort and Patchwork being killed by the Mud King himself in the previous issue the seven have been brought down to five and questions have arisen in the group. Why did the Mud King not escape when he had the chance? why did he kill Patchwork? how did he get out of his bounds in the first place and is everyone in the group truly trustworthy? These questions cause division in the group making everyone questions each other’s actions.  

Rick Remender continues to pen one of if not the best stories in comics on the shelves right now. Issue #5 of Seven to Eternity builds upon the framework laid in the past issues masterfully. Remender has a way with characters inputting so much emotion into the story making each one a great individual. The story encapsulates the reader and the “mud king/god of whispers” still shows his power by influencing the characters by only a few words, causing the group to question each other and their individual motives, Remender just makes this series so intriguing with each turn of the page. He really makes the reader feel involved in the story by having the characters question themselves and you can really feel yourself being connected with each one in certain ways. He makes you feel each characters plight and Remender makes each characters morals and standards they base their decisions on feel real and rational. Remender continues with each issue to make the story and world grow into places that makes each character come into their own and continue down the path set in the first issue.


Jerome Opeña still continues to shine masterfully on this book and shows off great character work and design. Opeña fully realized detailed styling jumps off the page and each panel is beautifully done. The story really lets him “let loose” and pull out all kinds of wonderful designs for characters, creatures and landscapes that makes the land of Zhal a world like none other. Hollingsworth on colors brings Opeña’s drawings into fully realized vision. He is an expert colorist and makes any series he is on really shine. Opeña and Hollingsworth are two master artist and when paired together Seven to Eternity becomes a stunning piece of art with each turn of the page.


Seven to Eternity is what you get when some of the best current comic book creators collaborate together. The story is magnificently woven together and each issue brings new wonders and intrigue. It is compelling and keeps the reader involved, while still having characters that are very well crafted and feel real to the reader while being set in this futuristic fantasy world. The art duo of Opeña and Hollingsworth is a dream come true, they collaborate so well with each other and each issue s a treat for the eyes of the reader. If you are not reading Seven to Eternity you definitely should be, buy the first trade and this issue and enjoy one of the best comics out right now.

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