Review – Seven to Eternity #6

Seven to Eternity #6

We left off last issue of Seven to Eternity with Adam and the rest of the Mosak Nights making the drastic decisions to venture into “the cursed swamp” to flee from the Mud Kings son and one of his fiercest generals The Piper. They knew that The Piper would dare not follow them into the swamp but what lies in wait for them inside maybe something worse than doing battle with the Piper himself. All along the Mud King/ “the god of whispers” seems to be somehow influencing the group. In the cursed swamp, it is said things do not die but become something worse and those “things” want the mud king for themselves and will stop at nothing to have him!

Rick Remender continues weaving a fantastic tale and in issue #6 of Seven to Eternity he brings in new and different variables into the story. Without getting too much into spoiler territory we learn a great bit of information about the mud king and why this “cursed swamp” wants him so bad. We also get some great background information on Adams father and his relationship to the mud king and how that led to his family being outcast. Remender has made this story very emotional with the questions it has the readers asking themselves. There is a fantastic line in the issue that says “Ma issued to always say that there are no accidents. Everything we do, we do for a reason. It’s not often we’re aware what that is. Because if we were we might have to change how we think of ourselves.” It is a fantastic line from Remender and sets the tone of the issue and the series so far perfectly. Adam has had to make some tough decisions throughout the series and his life and this series is digging deeply into those life decisions and the meaning behind them, veiled in a sci-fi tale.

Seven to Eternity #6


Jerome Opena is still doing magnificent work on this series. The details he puts into each and every panel and scene is just fantastic. You can feel the pain, terror, and strife inside the characters just from his art alone, he makes the series feel alive and brings their weird world to life in stunning detail and clarity. Each panel is as detailed as the next, the action scenes are crisp and sharp and the characters mental hardships are shown upon their faces. Hollingsworth also continues his masterful coloring skills, matching Opena’s drawing with exceptional skill. The neon brightness he brings to the pages when the Mosak Knights use their powers just pops off the page and he really sets the tone of the world with his colors.


Seven to Eternity continues to be a very emotional, deep story. What could have simply been a straight “sci-fi” story, Remender has transformed into something that will have readers questioning about themselves and their own life decisions. Opena and Hollingsworth continue to make for a beautiful art team that brings this series to another level. Each issue of Seven to Eternity is a treat and should not be missed.

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