Review – Seven to Eternity #7

Seven to Eternity #7

At the end of Issue #6 of Seven to Eternity Adam had to make a choice does he save the Mud King or the Mosak Knight fairy Jevalia from falling into the cursed swamp. If he saves Jevalia, then “the god of whispers” dies and the untold millions under his control will also die (or he can let Jevalia fall leaving someone who risked everything for him). Adam decides to save the Mud King, but did he save him so those other millions would not die or has he finally submitted to the whisper of being shown to a place that can cure his illness?

Now that Adam has separated from the group and gone alone with the Mud King his daughter and the rest of Mosak Knights must struggle with this question in Seven to Eternity #7. They do not have long to ponder as they have one chance to save Jevalia by bringing her back to her fairy homeland, but with everyone on the look out for them, things will not be easy!


Rick Remender still scripts a crazy good story in Seven to Eternity #7, while this issue is not as hard-hitting emotionally as the other issues, it is a nice “offshoot” from the main narrative. Remender gets to delve more into more of the Mosak Knights backgrounds in this issue and it is nice to get to know these characters a little bit more, we also get to learn more about Adam’s daughter Katie Osidis and what is driving her. This also puts a wedge between the group as they do not know why Adam has gone on his own with the Mud King and not everybody was in agreement with not following him and trying to save Jevalia.


James Harren fills in for Jerome Opena in Seven to Eternity #7 and it is a jolt to the reader. James Harren’s style is a lot looser and less detailed than Opena’s, he has a more cartoony style than what we are used to seeing in this series. Harren’s art is not bad it actually fits really well in the first few pages. We get a flashback to Jevalia’s youth in her fairy town before the Mud King “whispered” in their ears and corrupted the city. Hollingsworth gives us some fantastic bright colors and Harren’s art fits really well in the flashback because it is not following the main story. It stands out when we switch back to the main story and the colors go back to the dark and dreary world and when we switch back to the main narrative is when the art style change is very noticeable.


This issue is a good entry into the series and pushes the main story along, but the change in art style really just does not fit the main story. Personally, I think the team would have been better off just telling a flashback story of Jevalia’s time before the “the god of whispers” came to her home. Harren’s art style fits much better for that type of story and it would not be such jolt to the reader if it was not set in the main story line where we are so used to Jerome Opena’s art style. It is not a bad issue, but when a series has been so good it is a noticeable drop-off.

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