Review- Seven to Eternity #8

Seven to Eternity #8

Burn the Witch

Seven to Eternity #8 picks up where Issue #7  left off, with Jevalia’s brother rushing to her aide, the Goblin Mosak being captured and brought to the furnace of Gliff and Katie being captured by the Hit-man Dragan trying to save the Goblin. Things are looking pretty grim for our “heroes” of the story. There are also a lot of questions answered and brought up in this Issue. Why is this weird lady creature building an army in the furnace of Gliff, why do they have the same armor as one of the Mosak and why was Jevalia out cast from her family and Gliff in the first place? A few of these questions get answered, but by the end of the Seven to Eternity #8 more questions are raised and the group may be more splintered than ever!

Cover B Hollingsworth

Rick Remender continues to do a marvelous job story-wise with this series. I really love all the overarching themes and the characters as a whole. The group dynamic is really good and Remender continues to raise questions about the characters’ motives. The characters are also my one complaint— I am having a lot o trouble keeping some of the Mosak characters motives from Issue to Issue. I feel like I do not have a total grasp on all the Mosak characters, but I guess that problem is solving itself as the cast is dwindling down a little bit, and this story really helped me understand Jevalia’s character. I do like this new character Dragan introduced in the previous issue and he definitely adds a “wild card” aspect to the series, as he only does what is most profitable for him, and really how can you not like his gold eating frog!


James Harren continues art duties on this Issue. His style, while still a drastic change from Opena, services the story well. I dig his designs of the “spit-witch” in the furnace of Gliff and how Dragan is depicted with his huge mouth and hulking body. I really do not like how Katie is depicted; her body and face look very off from how she normally is. The more action-oriented scenes are also not as intense as when Opena is doing the art. Harren does have a great style for the more “horror” type elements that pop up here and there in this issue as it plays well with his less detailed style. Hollingsworth does a dazzling job on colors; he gets to play a lot with reds and greens in this Issue and somehow he makes the colors “glow” off the pages and panels. 


Seven to Eternity #8 is another good entry to the series. While I do have some hang-ups with Harren’s art style and a little confusion character-wise, the overall story is still good. By the end of the Issue more questions are brought up about the group regarding who can be trusted, and obviously they are not all on the same page as they travel to find Adam and the Mud King. Seven to Eternity is a fun fantasy/Sci-Fi story that will keep you turning the page.


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