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Seven Secrets #1

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Daniele Di Nicuolo
Colorist: Walter Baiamonte with assist by Katai Ranalli
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Release Date:  August 12, 2020

Seven deadly secrets must be kept at all costs. For centuries, Holders and Keepers for the Order have protected these secrets from coming out. But now someone will wants them so badly that he will stop at nothing to obtain them. But what secrets are worth such death and destruction? 


“I’ve Got a Secret, Better Keep It” Seven Secrets #1

Everyone has got their secrets, some bigger, some smaller; in Seven Secrets #1 some are deadly and must be protected at all costs. Seven deadly secrets the Order has kept for centuries. Seven deadly secrets that, if found out, would change the world as we know it. Keepers and Holders guard these secrets. It is their lifelong duty and greatest honor. In Seven Secrets #1 someone is coming for the Order and the secrets. The world is about to change.

Seven Secrets #1 (BOOM! Studios) variant cover by InHyuk Lee
Seven Secrets #1 (BOOM! Studios) variant cover by InHyuk Lee

Tom Taylor and Daniele Di Nicuolo bring us on a start to a wild adventure in Seven Secrets #1. As a mysterious person comes after the Order, the newest member has to figure out what exactly are the Seven Secrets and what exactly his life is on the line for.


Writer Tom Taylor has been on a tear, here, lately. His DCeased books have been an absolute hit over at DC Comics and he recently started a new Injustice series. Taylor always shows great character work and plot development, so I was excited to see him start this new series in Seven Secrets #1 from BOOM! Studios.

The issue starts off hard and fast and does not let up. We are dropped off into this new world and we hit the ground running. Taylor introduces us to the idea of the Seven Secrets, the Order, Keepers, and Holders, and gets the reader right into the mix of things. From just a pure excitement angle Seven Secrets #1 takes ahold of the reader from the start and doesn’t let up. Taylor sucks you right into the story from the first few pages.

My main hangup with this first issue is it really feels like maybe the first 10 minutes of a good TV show. It sucks you in, you are introduced to this new world concept, characters, and whatnot, and just when it feels like it gets going, it just ends. I liked everything about it but at the end of the issue, I kind of felt like “wait that’s it?”, which is a good and bad thing. It definitely has me coming back for the second issue, but it also feels like I didn’t get that much out of the first issue, either.


Daniele Di Nicuolo delivers the art in Seven Secrets #1. Many people will know Di Nicuolo’s name from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Di Nicuolo has a very angular, tight-lined style. It reminds me a lot of Simone Di Meo‘s styling. The characters’ faces, though, have a Tradd Moore type feeling, which is a nice combination for an art style.

I think overall Di Nicuolo delivers a nice visual flair to Seven Secrets #1. I would like some more detail in locations and backgrounds, and I do wish at times the action was a little clearer. But, overall, I like the look and feel Di Nicuolo sets for the issue/series. The art gets your heart pumping with the hard angles and distinct panel layouts. I like the character designs as well. Great imagery that has this “Knights Templar” yet contemporary/futuristic look to the series.

Walter Baiamonte, with assist by Katia Ranalli, does the coloring work for Seven Secrets #1. This may be where I am getting that Simone Di Meo feeling from. Baiamonte colored the TMNT/Power Rangers crossover comic with him. The coloring works well in the book. I like the balance of flair and flatness to it. Ed Dukeshire letters this issue and we all know I love Dukeshire’s lettering; he does a tremendous job once again.


Seven Secrets #1 is another issue where I am in a bit of a conundrum when giving it a “score”. I like the idea behind it and the story was fun and engaging, but at the same time, I don’t feel like I got enough of it. We don’t get enough of the characters and story to really get a “feel” of what this series is all about.

The art is solid, as well. Some fantastic character design and, visually, it takes you on a heart-pounding, exciting ride. It is a bit too intense at times and I think visually the pacing could have been slowed down a bit.

So, at the end of the day, lots to like about Seven Secrets #1. I think it is a start to an exciting new series; I am just going to have to have a little bit more to really figure it out.

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