Review – Seven to Eternity #15 (Image Comics)

  • Writing - 9.3/10
  • Art - 9.5/10
  • Overall - 9.4/10

Seven to Eternity #15

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Jerome Opeña
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: December 16, 2020

Adam must finally face the truth within himself. Maybe he has been lying to everyone, including himself, about the true nature of why he wants to be healed by the Springs of Zhal.

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Self-Deception – Seven to Eternity #15

Well, the previous issue of Seven to Eternity was certainly a shocker, with Adam and the Mud King finally making it to the healing springs of Zhal and cutting line to make it to the front. All Adam had to do was tell the truth. Tell his true intentions of why he wanted to be healed. Easy enough, right? Adam knew his true intentions, why he had sacrificed so much. Why did Adam want to live forever and be healed of his wasting disease? He knew the answer; it was simple to protect his family. That was the truth, or so he thought. But, denied entrance into the healing springs of Zhal for his lie, Adam and the Mud King find themselves at a crossroads in Seven to Eternity #15.

Seven to Eternity #15 (Image Comics) cover B by Tula Lotay
Seven to Eternity #15 (Image Comics) cover B by Tula Lotay

So, if Adam truly is not doing this to protect his family, then why? Adam will have to do some soul-searching to find out. But all may be lost already, as no one gets a second chance to enter the Springs. Plus Adam and the Mud King are still being hunted by some very deadly friends and foes.


Rick Remender gets back to what I love about this story in Seven to Eternity #15. Remender, throughout this series, has played with simple things, like how a small whisper or hint of things that could be given can change someone abruptly. Just a mere suggestion can change a person’s whole world. In Seven to Eternity #15 Remender brings in the chaos of lying to ourselves.

Adam believed wholeheartedly that he was doing all this for his family. So much, in fact, he literally bet everything on it with his answer. But what happens when Adam realizes he has been lying to himself about his true intentions? Adam, essentially, has been deceiving himself. Now, I am not going to spoil the issue, but it is a great internal look into the character. It is also something we can look into ourselves about, which is another thing that I have always loved that Remender has put into this series.

Seven to Eternity #15 sets up for a wild conclusion, as well. We only have two more issues to go; Remender has put some spectacular pieces in play with the end of this issue. With Adam’s true intentions known now, it will be interesting to see how his family reacts. Just some spectacular writing by Remender that makes you think, not only about the characters and story but about yourself as well.


I mean, what am I going to say that I haven’t said in all my other reviews of this series? Jerome Opeña is at the top of his game and just continues to shine brightly in Seven to Eternity #15. Stunning detail, character, and world design. The pages truly just come alive in spectacular fashion.

There are some delightful action set pieces throughout this issue that Opeña details tremendously well. It, as always, flows perfectly, has fantastic sense of movement, weight, and energy. I think one thing that I overlook or fail to talk about with Opeña is his attention to detail in more dramatic scenes. The opening of the issue has Adam and the Mud King in deep conversation and Opeña captures the scenes perfectly. From character acting to the scene setup and panel layout, he captures the dramatics mesmerizingly well.

Matt Hollingworth also has to be praised for continued stunning coloring work. I can’t spoil what happens in Seven to Eternity #15, but Hollingsworth captures the beauty and destruction perfectly with his colors. That opening scene, once again, has these delightful “soft” colors in it that just make the scene come full circle.


Seven to Eternity has a haunting presence that will stay with you long after reading. What I love about the series and this issue, besides the amazing artwork, is the story; when it hits, it hits hard. It is not supremely emotional in a sad kind of way, but it makes you think. Makes you think internally about yourself and what decisions you have made. With all the high fantasy/sci-fi craziness going on, it still hits these human emotions. 

Seven to Eternity #15 is a strong issue and maybe one of the best in the series yet. Things are starting to come to an end to Adam’s story and it is anyone’s guess how things will wrap up in the final two issues.

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