Review – Seven to Eternity #16 (Image Comics)

  • Writing - 8.5/10
  • Art - 9.5/10
  • Overall - 9/10

Seven to Eternity #16

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Jerome Opeña
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: January 20, 2021

Adam’s story is coming to an end. It seems he has betrayed everything he has believed and taught his family. But does Adam have another plan, and was it worth the sacrifices?

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“Pay the Piper” Seven to Eternity #16

Adam has finally admitted the truth and is entering the Healing Springs of Zhal to cure his wasting disease. He finally admitted he did it all for himself. Betraying his family, hearing the Whisper of the Mud King, all the killings and heartbreak were for his own selfish reasoning. But his daughter and the last of the Mosak Knights have arrived to stop him; the Mud King’s son, the deadly Piper, also has made his return, seeking revenge on his father and to take over his throne in Seven to Eternity #16.

Seven to Eternity #16 (Image Comics) cover B by Andre Araujo and Matt Hollingsworth
Seven to Eternity #16 (Image Comics) cover B by Andre Araujo and Matt Hollingsworth

The second-to-last issue is here for this sci-fi/fantasy epic. The Mud King is at death’s door from the attack by his son, the Piper. Katie and the last of the Mosak Knights must save him, or the untold millions that heard his whispers and became his slaves will die as well. While Adam makes his way to the Healing Springs of Zhal he has one last confrontation with an old friend. What was all the betrayal and killing for? Did Adam doom everyone for selfish reasons?


Seven to Eternity hits hard with emotion each and every time. Seven to Eternity #16 is no different. With things starting to wrap up, Rick Remender pours it on in this penultimate issue. Remender has brought us on a wild ride and Seven to Eternity #16 heightens all that came before it. Adam finally has to face his family and friends and come to terms with the truth within himself. It is fantastic writing by Remender. It is also an exciting issue; Remender does a fantastic job of switching between dramatics and action sequences.

I think the only major criticism is that the confrontation between Adam and someone who will go unnamed to remain spoiler-free doesn’t hit quite the emotional chord it should. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it is still a bombastic, hard-hitting scene in what happens. But the layoffs and time in between story arcs kind of kill it some. Just that their relationship isn’t really fresh in my mind, so it doesn’t hit quite as hard as it should, for me, at least.

A delightful ending to Seven to Eternity #16. Remender has a lot of build-up to this final issue and man, the final page in this issue has me very excited as to how Remender is going to wrap the story up. You know it is not going to be “clean” or “nice”. It has me wildly excited.


I mean, it is Jerome Opeña and Matt Hollingsworth, so you can check out my previous reviews to read me gushing on and on about how beautiful the artwork is. Nothing has changed in Seven to Eternity #16; just another spectacular visual display. Splendid detail and delightful coloring work.

I did love the contrast between the dark, dingy battle against the Piper, and Adam in the stunningly beautiful Healing Springs of Zhal. Wonderful transitioning of colors from the different scenes and scenarios. 

I have to give some love to my favorite letterer, Rus Wooton. Great work throughout the series and in Seven to Eternity #16. He does nice subtle little things with his lettering. In a series that focuses so much on people’s words, sayings, whispers, and thoughts, he brings that all together with his lettering work.


Seven to Eternity #16 is a perfect setup for the final issue. These past few issues have hit an emotional peak and I am excited to see where all this ends. I do think the different layoffs and long time between different story arcs did hurt some of the emotional beats in this issue. But only slightly. The art is fantastic, as always, and is just a visual treat. The series continues to have me thinking about it long after reading, and I am excited for the big finale.

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