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Sex Criminals #26

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artwork: Chip Zdarsky
Publisher: Image Comics
Maturity Rating: Mature
Release Date: January 29th, 2020

It’s the beginning of The End in Sex Criminals #26. Can Jon and Suzie make “civilian life” work or will they be sucked back into a life of having sex, freezing time, and robbing banks?!

The Beginning of The End in Sex Criminals #26

Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone? And it’s gonna be a sad, sad day when they take Sex Criminals away (ooooooh bah-bah-bah-bah). Wow—sorry, I don’t know what came over me. It’s just that I’ve become so enamored with Matt and Chip’s song parody intros that I thought I’d try one of my own. Not bad, eh? OK—on to the review of Sex Criminals #26!


Sex Criminals #26 (Image Comics) main cover by Chip Zdarsky
Sex Criminals #26 (Image Comics) main cover by Chip Zdarsky

We’ve reached the beginning of the end. My only friend… The End…part 1…and what a way to kickstart the arc (yes, that’s supposed to be a nod to Motley Crue). After a far-too-lengthy hiatus, things appear to be settling down and slowly getting back to normal. Jon and Suze seem to have finally found their happiness with one another and look to begin anew, forever leaving the life of a Sex Criminal firmly in the past. Just kidding. That’d make for a pretty boring issue, wouldn’t it? Fear not, my dear friends. For what Sex Criminals #26  is—is a true “Kobayashi Mug”.

“A true kobey-what-y?” you ask? Well, for those of you unlucky enough to have not lived through that golden echelon of spiky hair and skater-chains known as the ’90s, a “Kobayashi Mug” is an allusion to Bryan Singer’s cinematic masterpiece The Usual Suspects. It’s a metaphor or a way of saying that appearances can be deceiving. More, that what we believe to be true is about to shatter or break before our very eyes. It’s a very flowery way of me saying that you’re going to read this issue, have your own “wait—what?!” moment, then immediately re-read it in an attempt to piece together what you will have, no doubt, inevitably missed the first time around.

There’s a lot to take in (pun intended) in Sex Criminals #26. The story is a brilliantly fragmented circular narrative, the likes of which readers haven’t seen from Matt Fraction in some time. 


Chip Zdarsky may not be the most talented comic book artist drawing today but he’s definitely the funniest. That was supposed to be a joke; he’s incredibly talented and, without a doubt, on the shortlist for my all-time fave! In keeping with the norm, Sex Criminals #26 is positively littered with hilarity and tiny little Easter eggs throughout. Zdarksy has always rewarded a careful examination of his work and this time around is no exception. Look closely on any given page and you’re bound to find something that will both delight and tickle you:

Maybe it’s a simple sign that reads “Hand Job Ridge, pop. 4 Fingers; 1 Thumb”. Or a poster on a diner wall that plainly states “Fuck Cake. Cake is Bullshit.” It’s the randomness of it all; the true unpredictability of Zdarsky that makes his art something to treasure. Over the years, he’s helped us to be able to envision a glorious sex-fueled Land of Oz. Of all the friends I’ve made during this incredible journey through CumWorld—I’m going to miss him most of all. 


I really do hate change. Who doesn’t; am I right? Especially when change brings about goodbyes. That’s when it’s hardest to stomach. Because how do you let go of something that helped to make you who you are; how do you express that? How do you even begin to say “thank you”? Thank you for the laughs, for the tears, for the countless hours of enjoyment you’ve gifted me over these years. I guess you can’t, not in any meaningful or grand way. All I have are words and words will always fall just short. But even though it may be in vain, I’d still like to take a moment to say a heartfelt and genuine “thanks, chum” to both Chip and Matt. I hope this isn’t the last time we see you in the CumWorld. It’s not “goodbye”; this is “see ya later”. 

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