Review – Shadow Play #1 (Scout Comics)

  • Writing - 7.75/10
  • Art - 8.25/10
  • Overall - 8/10

Shadow Play #1

Writer: Richard Rivera
Artist: Clara Meath
Release: January 30th, 2019
Publisher: Scout Comics

Shadow Play #1 is a new series from the world of Stabbity Bunny, and it’s already establishing new characters and rules.

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Shadow Play #1 Introduces Us to Two New Characters


Shadow Play is a new series from the same world as Stabbity Bunny. That may or may not be hard to believe at first sight. Both fans of Stabbity Bunny and new fans would probably appreciate this series.

Shadow Play #1 makes quick work of introducing our main characters, Bard and Joy, the world they reside in, the problems they’re dealing with, and the plot itself. It doesn’t take much foreknowledge to get into and understand this world, but that could change with time.


Shadow Play Cover (Scout Comics)
Shadow Play Cover (Scout Comics)

A lot occurs in the Shadow Play #1. It may be only twenty-seven pages long, but it feels like more when considering all that occurred. Richard Rivera did a wonderful job of fitting in all the need to know information right in the beginning, so we could move on to the plot itself.

The issue actually starts out at a point slightly farther ahead in the plot – a quick way to show us the action and adventure that awaits us. Then just as quickly it jumps back to the present, to give us a chance to get to know our main characters first.

Right away we were introduced to both Bard and Joy, getting to see their friendship grow thanks to one odd thing they have in common. The hinting at something larger going on begins early in their friendship, and the feeling only gets stronger with time.

It was interesting to see the balance between introducing the characters and developing the plot. Our characters didn’t seem to know everything that was going on around them, giving us an excuse to learn alongside them.

For being a spin-off series, this first issue did a brilliant job of explaining everything, while not actually running into any show and tell issues. I honestly think this series could easily be picked up by any fans new to the universe.


The artwork for Shadow Play #1 was light and fun. As the cover indicates, there is a lot of purple used whenever possible, but I personally loved that about the issue. That may be my bias showing, since I’m fond of that particular shade of purple. It also hinted at some of the underlying tones, so it served a purpose.

Clara Meath was the artist for this issue, and I honestly hope she stays on for the whole project. She balances out the brighter scenes and darker scenes with no issue, and it’s always easy to tell what she’s trying to show us. Even the somewhat odd science projects shown in the second scene were obvious and distinct.

Sometimes the looks on the characters faces were a little off-putting though. I don’t mean that they were poorly done, more like something was wrong. For example, there’s one scene where they’re trying to portray the day passing by for Bard…but he looks wrong. Almost like a doll? That may have been intentional foreshadowing, but we won’t know until the next issue.


Shadow Play #1 was an interesting and fast-paced introduction into this new plot. Having it set in an established universe may have helped a bit. But honestly, most of the pacing credit has to go to Richard Rivera. It’s clear that he’s anxious to get to the meat of the plot, but despite that this issue didn’t actually feel rushed.

The next issue of the series will likely delve further into the plot, as well as connecting us to the first scene to everything else we’ve seen so far.


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