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Writer: Tim Seeley

Pencilers: Carlos Villa, Gerardo Sandoval

Inker: Juan Vlasco

Colorist: Carlos Lopez

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Maturity Rating: Teen

Release Date: October 3, 2018

In Shatterstar #1 Tim Seeley gives an amazing reintroduction to a character few are familiar with.   


Shatterstar #1

Before going into this book I was unfamiliar with Shatterstar. What I knew of him came from his time onscreen in Deadpool 2. So, still not a lot of information. Picking up this book, I assumed it was just piggybacking off the success of the movie. I was gladly wrong. Tim Seeley has given us an original take on the character and lays out his story beautifully in Shatterstar #1.


Figuring that most readers were not extremely knowledgeable about the character, Seeley gives a quick reader’s digest version of his origin. To make it shorter, he’s a genetically modified alien gladiator from the future. Today the landlord to a building he owns, leasing out apartments to individuals who have been displaced. People out of their time or even out of their universes.

Shatterstar #1 (Marvel Comics) cover by Yasmine Putri
Cover by Yasmine Putri

In the first act we follow Shatterstar, now going by Ben Gaveedra, as he accomplishes tasks for his tenants. It’s a great way to see the personality of Ben. He comes off as someone who enjoys obtaining positions of power, but not to abuse them. He enjoys using his means to help the people around him. Those he swore to protect. He sees it as honorable. It also works as an introduction to the cast of characters that live in the building.

Act two shows us what Ben gets up to in his free time and introduces the conflict. He goes to see a play, as he does once a week, and a group of villains attacks his building, and the people he swore to protect. This creates a call to action, one that our hero isn’t aware of yet. Seeley shows us that the motivation for our hero has to be a personal one.

When the third act arrives Shatterstar knows who is behind the abduction and gets ready to leap into action. Making the structure of this book follow point by point a hero’s journey. Without spoiling too much there is a big reveal on the final page, which is a wonderful payoff to an already amazing issue. A pay off that makes immediate sense for how Seeley structured this story. Not only are these characters fresh and fun, this series has the makings of something epic.


This book does something with the art that I have personally not seen before. I am sure that in the close to 100 years that comics have been around it has been done before. I just haven’t noticed. The art in this book is done by two artists, Carlos Villa and Gerardo Sandoval. And not in the traditional “each artist takes a half or section of the book.” Done with Villa drawing the present and Sandoval drawing the flashbacks on Mojoworld. Villa is able to capture the calmness of the present but his panels still have so much action as he draws the world. Sandoval’s work on Mojoworld captures the brutality of a war world. From the character design of Gringrave (who has a way better hand tattoo smile than Leto’s Joker) to the screaming fans in the gladiator arena.


Shatterstar #1 is amazing. It might be because I went in with low expectations and was blown away, but I don’t think that is it. Seeley and the team have put together a stellar cast and a story that anyone can get on board for. It serves as a perfect starting point if you did not know much about the character, like me.

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