Review – Silver Surfer #2

Silver Surfer #2
Silver Surfer #2

The Silver Surfer has always been a lonely angel, the silent, sorrowful sentinel of the spaceways. He’s one of the most brooding characters in comics. So writer Dan Slott might just have something here with his bright, colorful and all around delightfully goofy new take on our hang-ten hero. He’s aided in his efforts by Michael and Laura Allred, the husband and wife art team that adds charm and personality to every book they draw. Only two issues into the new series, the Family Allred seems perfect for the character and his world, especially if Slott is going to keep sending the Surfer on such wild and wacky adventures.

The Impericon. The Never Queen. The Incredulous Zed. Er, Dawn Greenwood. Slott and the Allreds are weaving a lot of magic in their new series.

Slott is writing some truly mind-boggling ideas, the sort of thing only capable if you free yourself from the mundane conformity of the planet Earth. As a big fan of the television show Doctor Who, Slott is well aware of the fact that the universe has unlimited potential for storytelling. Anything can happen as long as you can imagine it. And the Allreds don’t seem to have a problem keeping up, from the zany, Suessian designs of the Impericon planet to the cosmic deity grandeur of the Never Queen; it would seem that anything these creators can imagine is going to go into this comic.

Fortunately for us, they seem most dedicated to imagining a truly heroic and personable Silver Surfer, and his new human companion, Dawn Greenwood. In the first issue, Dawn was an adorable and interesting addition to the cast. By this second issue, she may as well be the real star. Slott makes sure that Dawn is no damsel in distress. By the end of this issue, she might be the one saving the Silver Surfer. It’s a fun, unexpected twist with this new, character. I like her already.

The Never Queen!
Battling the Never Queen!

The story so far is that Zed and the denizens of the Impericon have called upon the Surfer to save them from the Never Queen, one of those big, cosmic deities that trump even the Watcher in terms of bigness. In order to compel the Surfer to fight for them, Zed uses a machine that reads the Surfer’s entire life and then kidnaps the one person in the universe that means the most to him: Dawn Greenwood. Dawn is a normal Earth girl from New England, and the Surfer has absolutely no idea who she is. Still, he’s not about to leave her to her fate, nor the Empircon to its fate, so he races off to fight the Never Queen – but, as usual, nothing is as it seems, and the Surfer has to figure out who the true bad guys really are. It’s a fun adventure, propped up by Slott’s wildly over-the-top ideas, which are absolutely perfect for a series like this. The Silver Surfer has the entire cosmos to explore. There’s no reason he should ever again be stuck on the planet Earth.

It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

Slott’s Surfer is a good guy hero. He’s noble, smart and dedicated to his cause of heroism. The Allreds don’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to drawing the Surfer – not like Declan Shalvey over in Moon Knight, at least. He looks like the Surfer we all know, and he stands out against the rest of the weird, alien backdrop. It helps that nobody else looks like the Silver Surfer. His look is as alien and iconic as they come, yet somehow he definitely seems to fit in the alien insanity that is the Impericon. Dawn, meanwhile, is kind of his complete opposite. She looks very human, very normal, and she’s just as chipper and friendly as they come. I love the way she easily and effortlessly accepts that she’s a prisoner on an alien world, then marshals her fellow alien prisoners into an escape attempt. She’s just the sweetest person ever, and the Allreds draw her that way. She’s going to be great for this series.

The second issue of Dan Slott’s new Silver Surfer series is a nice continuation of the story, with the Surfer on a wild, cosmic adventure, and his new best friend, Dawn Greenwood, proving that she might just be the cutest new character in comics. There’s a lot of love in this new series, and the potential for a whole, heck of a lot of fun.

Rating – 8/10.

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  • I really gotta read this comic. I loved the preview in the first Marvel!NOW preview issue – I’m on the fence about “OCs”, usually, but Dawn was a standout. And the art is awesome, of course.

    • It’s just a fun, so far kind of adorable series. And comics always need a few series that are adorable instead of grim & gritty.

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