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Something Is Killing the Children #5

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Werther Dell’Edera
Colorist: Miguel Muerto
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Maturity Rating: M
Release Date: January 29th, 2020

Something Is Killing the Children #5 is a dark addition to this horror series, as Erica Slaughter takes on the monster killing and eating children.


The Cost of Saving Lives in Something Is Killing the Children #5

The chilling and disturbing tale of monsters continues in Something Is Killing the Children #5. Erica Slaughter is good at her job. Her job is hunting and killing monsters. But even an expert such as she cannot plan for every turn of events.

Something Is Killing the Children has been a dark and distressing tale, one in which monsters greedily hunt down children. It’s a horror series through and through, and for many, has been exactly what we’re looking for.

Something Is Killing the Children #5 (BOOM! Studios) cover by Werther Dell'Edera
Something Is Killing the Children #5 (BOOM! Studios) cover by Werther Dell’Edera

This time around, Erica is hunting the monster that has plagued a small town, but there are a few setbacks. One of them had hoped to help, while the other hoped to hinder. Both added complications to an already dangerous situation. On the bright side, that makes for an interesting read for us fans.


Man, James Tynion IV has really dived headfirst into the whole concept of alarming horror series, hasn’t he? Something Is Killing the Children #5 is as chilling as it is graphic. Yet there’s this little flicker of hope—a little bit of humanity shining through the horrors of this world.

This issue is amazingly written, if a bit intense. But at this point in the series, fans should probably have a good idea of what they’re in for. At least, I hope they would. This is not a series that pulls punches, a fact proven in the latest installment.

There’s been a running theme this whole series, where it’s the nature of children who can see the monsters. We’ve seen some of the measures that Erica has gone through in order to maintain that sight. But I feel like it was this issue that really forced that connection, making us realize the true depth and cost of it all.

What really impressed me about the writing in this issue is the level of attention to detail, and the ability to plan ahead. There are twists and turns in this issue—of course, there are. But they honestly and truly shocked me, in the best of ways. Better yet, by all appearances, those surprises are going to advance the plot even further. And I cannot wait to see how those elements are going to play out in the long run.


Something Is Killing the Children #5 is full of dynamic moments, disturbing scenes, and beautiful artwork. This series just would not be the same without the vibrant (and sometimes alarming) artwork to support it.

Werther Dell’Edera was the lead artist for this issue, and their lines set the tone for this plot arc. Their monsters are terrifying, especially given how we can’t always see the full picture. Dell’Edera’s clever use of obfuscation heightens the mood while leaving us eager to see (and learn) more.

Miguel Muerto was the colorist, and honestly, I’m in love with the color palette. Yes, everything is darker and muted (except for the blood, which is as vibrant as life itself). But there are many shades to be found in the darker spectrum. Muerto used those shades to great effect here, and that made the imagery all the more terrifying.

Finally, AndWorld Design was in charge of the lettering. They did an excellent job showing us the story alongside the imagery. It was everything we needed here.


Something Is Killing the Children #5 was another intense addition to this series. They somehow managed to heighten the emotional connection and toll even further here, while forcing the story onward. Only time will tell what the ramifications will be, but I can’t wait to find out.

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