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Something Is Killing the Children #8

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Werther Dell’Edera
Colorist: Miguel Muerto
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Release Date: July 8th, 2020

Something Is Killing the Children #8 continues the dark and harrowing tale of a monster infestation and the one hunter that has shown up to try to save the day.


The Cycle Beings Again in Something Is Killing the Children #8

As it turns out, eradicating a monster population in a small town is not as easy as it sounds. Especially not when said monsters have had time to set up lairs and propagate. In Something Is Killing the Children #8, we’re about to learn just how bad things can get. Again.

Something Is Killing the Children #8 (BOOM Studios) cover by Werther Dell'Edera
Something Is Killing the Children #8 (BOOM! Studios) cover by Werther Dell’Edera

The monsters that haunt children’s nightmares are real, and they’re even worse than you can imagine. That’s why Erica Slaughter hunts them, though the task is far from easy. Nor is it without cost. We’ve witnessed this a time or two now.

The cycle is at risk of beginning again, and Erica’s hunting situation has gotten even more complicated than ever. None of that changes what has to be done though. The job is to kill the monsters—and, ideally, save the children.


In the last issue, it was proven that the hunt is far from over. Now, in Something Is Killing the Children #8, we’re provided a glimpse into just how bad things are going to get. You’d think that the events in the first arc would have been proof enough of that, but apparently you’d be wrong.

For, when real monsters are involved, things can always get worse. That’s a lesson that James Tynion IV seems intent on teaching the readers. And so far, they’ve done a brilliant job of doing exactly that.

What is impressive is how complex this horror series has already become. There are multiple characters with a variety of skills and motivations, not to mention the implied complexity of actually going out and hunting monsters. None of it is as simple as one might hope—but it adds depth to the series: depth that the raw horror could never provide, no matter how much of that there is. Throw in that this entire issue feels like it’s setting up for something bigger and even more harrowing than ever…and you’ve got a constant sense of tension while reading.


Something Is Killing the Children #8 has an iconic art style, one that isn’t afraid to get dark—or graphic—when called for. In that sense, it suits the plot perfectly. This is not a happy and healthy world, and it shows. There are horrors in the shadows, and sometimes it is what is unseen that is the most terrifying of all.

Werther Dell’Edera is the lead artist, setting the scene and the horror of the series. Every little detail included adds to the story, from Erica’s design and expressions to the decisions about when to show the monsters.

Miguel Muerto was the colorist, and they did an excellent job running with what was provided to them. The scenes are predominantly dark, naturally. Yet there are plenty of excuses found to include an infusion of color. It’s evocative and oddly chilling.

Finally, AndWorld Design provided the lettering for this issue, and it brought all of these elements together. The carefully-placed lettering flowed across the pages, ensuring that readers saw all the horrors within.


Something Is Killing the Children #8 continues the harrowing tale of one town and the serious monster problem they suddenly have on their hands. Yet the development of said plot has been unexpected. In fact, it is infinitely more complicated to deal with a monster infestation than one might expect.

It’s refreshing, seeing this level of planning combined with such a horrifying concept. The two work well together, creating a world that is simultaneously terrifying and intelligent.


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