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Sonata #1
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Writers: David Hine & Brian Haberlin
Artist: Brian Haberlin
Colorist: Geirrod Van Dyke
Letterer: Francis Takenaga
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: June 12, 2019

A new land, two cultures clashing, the natives and giants caught in the middle!

“The Promised Land” Sonata #1

Sonata #1 finds us transported to a new world: Perdita. This new world is a haven for people looking to escape their old world on the brink of being wiped out. The Ran people have sparsely populated this new land for the past seven years, as it is a one way trip from the planet Ran to Perdita. They have made friends with a native tribe and even domesticated some giant bird/dinosaur-like creatures to use for flying. But this new land that is supposed to promise new hope and life is not without its troubles. Terrifying monsters lurk all around and giant creatures known as Sleeping Giants are best not disturbed. Worse, now planet Taya has been sending colonists to Perdita. The warring planet only looks for control. 

Sonata, one of the colonists from Ran, is a great handler of these giant bird/dinosaur creatures and she likes nothing more than flying high in the sky. Things are about to change as the Tayan people start trouble on Perdita. Will the beautiful land become a war zone? And what will Sonata discover about “the Promised Land” and its “Sleeping Giants”?


Sonata #1 (Image Comics) Cover A by Brian Haberlin & Geirrod Van Dyke
Sonata #1 (Image Comics) Cover A by Brian Haberlin & Geirrod Van Dyke

Sonata #1, from a story standpoint, is a lot of setup for what is to come. Basically, we get thrown into this world as Sonata describes who, what, when, where and why throughout the issue. It is not the worst way to get all the information out there that the reader needs, but it is also not the most exciting way, either. By the end of the issue, the story is ready to get rolling.

So, there are things that I liked and disliked about Sonata #1 storywise. The way the story unfolded didn’t feel very organic, it just felt more like a lecture of what has happened and is happening. We also didn’t learn very much character-wise, as most of the story was Sonata explaining to us what was happening and who everybody was. I do like the overall concept of the story and after the first issue, I am interested to know more about Sonata and what she is all about.


The world of Sonata #1 has a futuristic/steampunk type theme to it, in that obviously, these people can travel through space. But then they use blimps, and are a mix between Mad Max and Western attire, which looks cool, but nothing that hasn’t been seen before, either. Now I do like Brian Haberlin‘s designs for the native creatures of the land. The native tribe that is friends with the Ran colonists is a great alien design. With these hulking creatures, they look scary but also have a sweetness to them as well. 

Where Haberlin’s art really shines is the “Sleeping Giants” creature. It looks fantastic! It is very eerily designed and he does a fantastic job of catching the scope and size of those creatures. Francis Takenaga’s coloring also works well in developing the overall aesthetic of Sonata #1. There is a nice, dark almost “mugginess” to the colors that Takenaga brings to the table. The closeups of the faces were kind of off-putting or seemed odd compared to everything else, though. They are very “clean” line-wise and the color of their skin is super bright compared to everything else. It is a little weird when we get closeup shots of characters’ faces.


Sonata #1 is an interesting futuristic alien-world type tale. I really enjoyed the overall character, creature, and general world design of this series. The story, though, for the first issue at least, is not that gripping. I think it may have needed a little bit more character development rather than focusing on explaining everything happening in the issue. The second issue will be key to this series’ staying power. If we get more character involvement it could turn into something interesting. If not, it turns into another comic with a cool design and no character.

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