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Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #10
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Writer: Seanan McGuire
Artists: Takeshi Miyazawa & Rosi Kampe
Colorist: Ian Herring
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist: Bengal
Publisher: Marvel
Maturity Rating: T
Release Date: July 3rd, 2019

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #10 may be the end of the Spider-Gwen run, but this is not the last you’ll see of Gwen Stacy! It’s time for a new name.


New Endings and Beginnings in Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #10

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider has been building up to something ever since it started. You see, names are important. And sometimes you need to shed a name in order to keep moving forward. That’s something Gwen has been learning. And so, Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #10 will be the last issue in the series. However! Don’t despair. Gwen will be back in her newest series, Ghost Spider. And yes, it is totally okay to freak out about how awesome that name is. This issue brings with it new beginnings as well as endings. And a surprise cameo or two.


Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider #10 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Bengal
Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #10 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Bengal

Did anybody else have a heart attack when they saw the cover for this issue? Because I totally might have. And I even knew about the series title change before this point! Still, gut reflexes and all of that. Thanks for the scare, guys! But seriously, Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #10 has so much to offer. It concludes some of the points Gwen has been struggling with. While also introducing new plots for her to run with. So, if you needed more proof about Gwen coming back, I promise that you’ll have it.

I’m actually amazed by how much Seanan McGuire was able to fit into this issue. It has everything I already mentioned, but it also had cameos and a plot of its own. The cameos were a nice touch. And fit in well with the themes too, so bonus points for that.

I’ve been fascinated with the latest updates and changes to Gwen’s suit, so I’m glad that they’ve been continuing that. And it seems like they’ll be continuing it in the next series too, which is fantastic.

There was one scene that had me cheering. I knew that something like it had to happen. After all, you don’t just change your name like it’s nothing, right? But I think fans will be happy with the way it was done here.


Our artistic trio did another amazing job with Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #10. Takeshi Miyazawa and Rosi Kampe were the line artists, while Ian Herring was the colorist for this issue. Together they have really brought out all of the personality in Gwen’s series.

Gwen is a great character when it comes to dramatic poses. She’s agile, athletic, and uses her webbing to brilliant effect. And thankfully, the creative team is fully aware of how to use those skills. It honestly felt like this issue was full of dynamic panels and poses. And that’s a good thing.

The fight scenes were especially fun in this issue. I know that was in part because of the villain that they used. But it also had a lot to do with the way that antagonist was drawn, and how the fight was portrayed. And it made for a fun read, I promise you that!


I’m a little sad to see the mantle of Spider-Gwen go. But I’m also insanely excited to see Ghost Spider get picked up. In this case, the good outweighs the bad. She’s been deserving of a new name for quite some time. It’s nice to see it finally happening.

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #10 was a fun and well-balanced issue. There were some serious tones, of course. But on the whole, the issue was overwhelmingly, and beautifully, heartwarming. Seeing Gwen keep on fighting is inspiring.

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