Review – Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #4 (Marvel)

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  • Art - 9/10
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Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #4

Writer: Seanan McGuire
Artist: Aosi Kampe & Takeshi Miyazawa
Color Artist: Ian Hearring
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist: Bengal
Publisher: Marvel
Maturity Rating: T
Released: January 9th, 2019

In Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #4, Gwen Stacy is dealing with the aftermath of Spider-Geddon. War is never a pretty thing, especially when those you love are involved.

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Spider-Gwen Reminds Us All That Superheroes Are People Too


Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #4 is set after the conclusion of Spider-Geddon. It absolutely contains spoilers for that miniseries. So don’t read it until you’re caught up – or okay with getting some bits spoiled.

After everything that happened during Spider-Geddon, Gwen has been having a really hard time dealing. She’s bearing the burden of certain responsibilities. Her actions in this issue remind us that even a superhero is still a person. That our favorite heroes can still feel pain. 


This issue was beautifully written and handled the intense and delicate subjects respectively. I will be honest here and tell you that it did, in fact, make me cry, so consider yourselves warned. Seanan McGuire took the heaviest parts of Spider-Geddon and built up from there. She made those points feel like they had a sense of permanency, and she made everything feel so much more real. It was both heartbreaking and a bit heartwarming – seeing how much a character can care for the people she considers friends.

Spider Gwen: Ghost Spider #4. Cover by Bengal
Spider Gwen: Ghost Spider #4. Cover by Bengal

Gwen’s pain was palpable in this issue. Where Spider-Geddon rushed through events – sometimes taking away the opportunity to react – Spider-Gwen explored those points, forcing us to come to terms with it all. It forced us to see the cost of what had happened. 

There were many new characters in this issue, and none of them is introduced by name. None of them needed to be. it was easy to tell instantaneously who they were. From the fact that Gwen was approaching them to the way they dressed or the scenery around them. The context alone made it apparent who they were. It was an elegant way to handle things.

As far as action is concerned this was a slower issue, but it was a worthwhile exchange. If it helps, this issue also showed the final wrap-ps for Spider-Geddon. I personally had felt like it ended a bit too suddenly, so it was nice to feel some sense of closure from it.

Most of this issue was heavy and had a strong sense of solemnity to it, but the conclusion to the issue helped balance things out. Having Gwen enjoy something so basic to her and the rest of the spider characters was exactly how this issue should have ended. 


The artwork for Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #4 was remarkable. Aosi Kampe, Takeshi Miyazawa, and Ian Hearring clearly put their heads together here to come up with all the emotionally striking imagery for this issue.

There were a lot of expressions that had to be carefully drawn, and multiple costumes that Gwen put on that had to be unique and clearly indicate the world and period she was visiting. The color palette was slightly darker than we’ve seen in previous Ghost Spider issues, but it was appropriately so.

Clayton Cowles handled the lettering for this issue, and it shows. There were multiple types of speech and thought bubbles floating around in this issue. If they hadn’t been perfectly distinct from one another I don’t think the telling would have had nearly as strong as an impact as it did.


Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #4 is without a doubt one of the harder hitting issues I’ve read in quite some time. Yet I don’t regret reading it. It gave me the sense of closure I craved from Spider-Geddon, while also making the events feel more important and real by adding weight and permanence to them. It was heartbreaking to see, yes, but it was so worth it and was a poignant reminder for the humanity behind our favorite masked heroes. 


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