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Spider-Man Noir #2
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Spider-Man Noir #2

Writer: Margaret Stohl
Artist: Juan Ferreyra
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: July 29, 2020

A dead waitress at the Black Cat has private eye Peter Parker on the case. With her sister, museum curator Huma, and a jeweled cicada his only leads, Parker heads overseas to solve the case.


The Case of the Cicada Stone in Spider-Man Noir #2

Private eye Peter Parker is overseas in Spider-Man Noir #2. Investigating the death of a waitress at the Black Cat, Parker finds himself getting deeper and deeper into a mystery. He teams up with the deceased waitress’s sister, museum curator Huma. Parker finds himself globetrotting, following the one lead they have: a cicada stone that has the interest of many high rollers throughout the world.

Spider-Man Noir #2 (Marvel Comics) cover by Dave Rapoza
Spider-Man Noir #2 (Marvel Comics) cover by Dave Rapoza

What is the mystery behind the jeweled cicada stone? Why did it lead to the death of Huma’s sister? Many questions are left ahead for private eye Peter Parker, but he never met a mystery he couldn’t solve. But he might need some help! Luckily, he can shoot webs, wall-crawl, and he has his handy Colt .45 by his side in Spider-Man Noir #2.


Look, I could have sworn to you I had read and reviewed the first issue of this series, or at least I had read it. But after reading Spider-Man Noir #2 I am not sure! I won’t say I was completely lost, as the title page recap basically tells you everything you need to know; I was just flabbergasted that I couldn’t remember anything from the first issue. Usually after a few pages things come back to me, but not this time.

Margaret Stohl continues to pen this globetrotting mystery as Peter Parker is brought to new lands. The start of the issue is very exciting and a nice jump to the issue. We travel with Peter and Huma as they make their first stop abroad. Stohl does a great job of capturing that noir feel with the dialogue, and playing that femme-fatale type character with Huma. We still don’t know if we can exactly trust her, and it plays well into the story in Spider-Man Noir #2.

I think the middle of the issue is where the story gets a little sluggish, and honestly lost me for a bit. The pages just didn’t seem to flow together like the beginning and end of the issue and it just made me glaze over. I think the start and end of Spider-Man Noir #2 are great with some delightful dialogue and scenes, but just that middle part is kind of stale.


Alright, my real interest in picking up Spider-Man Noir #2 was getting some more Juan Ferreyra art in my life. If I see his name on a book I am always going to check it out. I love, love, love his work and it continues to astound in Spider-Man Noir #2. He has such a tight, heavy-lined style and his attention to detail is top-notch. His characters are beautifully rendered and he catches that noir style perfectly with his panel angles, setups, and coloring work.

I guess you could say at times the characters do look a bit pin-uppish, maybe would be a small thing. But, man, he just has some incredibly beautiful art in this issue. He has spectacular background detail. He brings you directly into this world. His details on cars and vehicles are top-notch. When the action hits, he details that spectacularly well with a great sense of movement and motion throughout the panels and pages.

He might have one of my favorite panels ever. The sequence is Spider-Man jumping out of a window with his mask on, but a white dinner jacket on with black pants. Everything about is amazing, from how the black Spider-Man Noir mask contrasts with the white shirt, white jacket and black pants to the character’s body position. It is truly just a beautifully done panel.

I could gush on and on about the art in this issue. The way he uses white, black, and gray coloring sprinkled with brighter reds—just beautiful. The way he details clothing and designs this world in that mid-1900s steampunk styling is fantastic. 


I am not sure if I am 100% sold on the story in Spider-Man Noir #2. It is interesting and fun, but that middle part really took me out of the issue. It is also not super captivating, but an interesting mystery at the same time. Maybe if I could remember the first issue it would have helped get me into the story more. The real show-stopper is the art. Juan Ferreyra continues to impress me with everything he does. Spider-Man Noir #2 is a visual treat that you really should not miss! Even if you didn’t know what Spider-Man Noir is, I think just looking at this book would sell you on it.

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