Review – Spirits of Vengeance #2

Spirits of Vengeance #2

“I Cry When Angels Deserve to Die.”

Blade joined the team at the end of the last issue and with his help, Johnny Blaze and Hellstorm have discovered the secret of the silver bullet that was given to Blaze by a dying angel. The bullet is no ordinary silver bullet;  it is a part of a larger plan. A group wants to disrupt the balance between heaven and hell; it is something that will affect the spiritual world greatly and destroy our mortal world forever! Hellstorm needs more answers before they can stop the plan from being enacted, and the only person who can help is his sister, daughter of the “Devil”, Satana.

Spirits of Vengeance #2 Cover
Spirits of Vengeance #2

Spirits of Vengeance #2 (of 5) starts to “rev” its engines by the end of the issue. Victor Gischler gets the whole team together, and the story is pretty much fleshed out and ready to go. Spirits of Vengeance #2 delivers a fun supernatural tale inside the Marvel Universe, and Gischler is doing a good job of pacing this series through its five issues so far. I like all the characters. Satana and Blade have not gotten as much “screen” time as Ghost Rider and Hellstorm so far, but they were both introduced later, so hopefully, that will be rectified in the next issue. The story is pretty “basic”, but there is nothing wrong with it, and for the moment I am having a good time reading the mini-series.


David Baldeon’s art is a bit of a mixture for me in Spirits of Vengeance #2. I am not really into the way he draws regular people; I am not sure if the ink lines are too bold or thick–everyone just looks a little off, it’s a mixture of cartoonish and “real” that just does not feel quite right. I do not really like the more “glossy” sheen in Spirits of Vengeance #2, which may be more of a coloring thing, but it does not look right for the series in my opinion. That being said, I do really like how he draws the Ghost Rider and the more action-oriented scenes; all of those look fantastic and are immediate highlights of the series. The art is not bad in Spirits of Vengeance #2. Again, I just feel as if it does not fit the overall tone and feeling the series is going for.


Spirits of Vengeance #2 is a wild ride into the supernatural corners of the Marvel Universe. The story is starting to pick up steam, and I am really enjoying seeing these lesser-used, more supernatural characters getting the spotlight. While the art is not my favorite style and I feel it does not fit the series, it is not bad art and there are still some great panels, and fans of Ghost Rider will not be disappointed in his action sequences. The main draw here is just getting the characters together and in action, and by the end of Spirits of Vengeance #2, the team has been brought together and they are ready to fight heaven and hell to save the Marvel Universe!

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