Review – Star Trek Discovery: Aftermath #2 (IDW)

Star Trek Discovery: Aftermath #2
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  • Art - 8.5/10
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Writer: Kirsten Beyer, Mike Johnson

Artist: Tony Shasteen

Letterer: Neil Uyetake

Maturity Rating: Teen+

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Release Date: September 25, 2019

The events of Star Trek Discovery: Aftermath fit literally between seconds from the Discovery season 2 finale and over some insight to what happens after Discovery’s destruction.


You Klingon Bastards


Spock struggles with the loss of his sister, Michael. Captain Pike recruits him as an advisor during peace negotiations with the Klingons. Meanwhile, Chancellor L’Rell has enemies plotting against her, including a well-known name from the past.

This is the second of a three-issue series that takes places between Discovery’s disappearance and Spock’s return to Starfleet. Captain Pike is tasked with peace negotiations with the help of Chancellor L’Rell. Pike has brokered an uneasy trust with the Chancellor. But in order to succeed, he needs Spock at his side. The adventure continues in Star Trek Discovery: Aftermath #2.


Star Trek Discovery: Aftermath #2 Cover A by Angel Hernandez

Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson team up on this issue to tell a rather satisfying look between events in Star Trek: Discovery. Their use of familiar events, scenes, and characters from different aspects of Star Trek history fill in gaps of Trek lore nicely. Including Kor in this mini-series is brilliant and serves to show just how treacherous and ambitious he was in his younger days. For those unfamiliar with Kor, he was played by the late John Colicos in the original series and later in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Kor is the first Klingon seen in the original series in the episode Errand of Mercy.

The story moves along a little too quickly for my taste, but it’s understandable given the series only three issues. Still, the pacing is sped up and leaves for an uncomfortable read. With only one issue left to wrap things up, this leaves me with the feeling six issues would have been more suitable.

Beyer and Johnson are able to catch the character’s personalities perfectly from the television series. Fans like myself who are eager for more Captain Pike and Spock adventures are sure to enjoy this in spite of only getting three issues. Perhaps this will pave the way for more from IDW on this.


The art in this issue, as well as the first issue,  is where this series truly excels. Tony Shasteen’s art nails every detail of each character, right down to a younger version of Kor. Even with the uncomfortably fast pace of the story, the art does a good job of grounding everything. The colors by J.D. Mettler are crisp and clean but seem to have slipped a little from the first issue. The art of this issue, although well done, seem to lack the clarity of issue one.

The cover by Angel Hernandez is amazing. Mettler uses color to complement The Klingon ships in the palm of L’Rell.


Spock’s difficulty with Michael’s death and his reluctance to return to the Enterprise are really at the core of Star Trek Discovery: Aftermath. 

In spite of a few timing and artwork slips, this is a very satisfying issue. Fans of Star Trek: Discovery should find this well worth reading. The events fit literally between seconds from the Discovery season 2 finale and offer some insight to what happened after Discovery’s destruction (disappearance). The loss of family and friends are widespread as the Federation recovers from the war with the Klingon Empire. We also get to see the shape of things to come in Kor’s plots and schemes.

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