Review – Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 6 Re-mastered Blu-ray


Caution Spoilers.

Experience, “Space, The Final Frontier,’ in a whole new way on Hi-definition Blu-Ray! Join Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Commander Riker, Data and the rest of the intrepid crew of the Starship Enterprise as they, “Boldly Go,” into Season six of Star Trek: The Next Generation, on re-mastered Blu-Ray. The penultimate season of this beloved series sees the crew go up against fierce adversaries like the Romulans and the Cardassians in the epic two-parter Chain of Command, (see CBS has Struck Gold), and features a very special visit from the past in the form of Captain Montgomery Scott, in the very special episode Relics. Also, in a crushing blow to millions of men the world over, Season 6 is when Counselor Deanna Troi stops wearing her low-cut catsuits when given an order to do so by a visiting captain to don a standard uniform. She wore this uniform for the remainder of the series.

TNG re-mastered is nothing short of mesmerizing! It is visually stunning and truly beautiful to watch. It is so clear and crisp that you can see every deck plate on the Enterprise as she passes by on screen, and when she drops out of warp, one’s jaw literally drops because every star streaking by has a touch of a rainbow hue as they shorten and become the familiar, yet distant pinpoints of light as the ship slows.

Some of the crew’s most memorable adventures take place during season 6, including a crossover featuring crew members from a certain former Cardassian orbital ore processing facility-turned Federation administered outpost situated near the mouth of a newly discovered stable wormhole in the Bajoran sector. We will not name names here, but it’s initials are DS9, and we get a stunning glimpse of the station in beautiful Hi-Def!


Let us touch on a two episodes from season 6:



Written by: Ronald D. Moore

Directed By: Alexander Singer

This episode brings us a blast from the past as Scotty from Star Trek: The Original Series beams aboard the Enterprise-D after being trapped in a transporter pattern buffer for 75 years. Scotty has to deal with the fact that he is 75 years out of date, and just about everyone he ever loved has died.(Even though Spock is still alive and on Romulus and Doctor McCoy , now an Admiral is still very much alive and kicking in this time period as well.) Scotty tries to fit in in his new surroundings and is met with some stern attitude from his counterpart Geordi LaForge. Geordi is a bit of a jerk in this episode, and treats Scotty a bit harshly.

After this he makes his way to 10-forward, he orders a drink, and gets his first taste of synthehol…he is not impressed. Commander Data comes in and manages to scrounge up a non-syntheholic beverage for our cantankerous Scottish engineer, and in an homage to one of Scotty’s lines from the original Series episode, By Any other Name, Data, when he cannot identify the name of the spirit simply says, “It is green. After drowning his sorrows in Ten-Forward, Scotty makes his way to the holodeck and orders up a simulation of the bridge of HIS Enterprise, “NCC-1701. No bloody A,B,C or D.” As the holodeck doors open, and Scotty enters, the look on his face is utterly heartbreaking. He steps back in time, but you can tell he has never been so alone.


Captain Picard, who has been suspiciously absent for most of the episode, drops in and the two men reminisce about their former starships. Later, the Captain gives Geordi a directive to involve Scotty in a mission, and he is forced to work with the elder engineer, although his attitude is much better this time. While away on this mission, the Enterprise is thrust into a life and death crisis, and in the End, it’s the ingenuity and wisdom of the Very senior officer Captain Montgomery Scott who saves the day! Throughout the course of this episode Scotty and Worf share no less than two distasteful looks. After the crisis is averted, the crew of this Enterprise very kindly kick the older man off of the ship without even letting him pack first…

There is an amazing bonus with this episode, a deleted scene with Scotty himself. It is truly a priceless gift to be given a few new minute of footage with this cherished character. And it is a joy to see new material for Scotty, even if it is ever so brief.

Man Of the People


Written By: Frank Abatemarco

Directed By: Winrich Kolbe

In this Episode, the Enterprise and Crew are thrust into the center of a very sensitive diplomatic Situation, and must take on an alien ambassador and his ailing mother so that he can complete his assignment. The mother takes an instant, seething dislike of Counselor Troi. After one more altercation with this old woman, she unexpectedly dies. The alien Ambassador turns to Troi for solace and through a strange mourning ritual, a bond is established. From there it’s a race for the good counselor’s life as a menacing threat from very close by nearly ends her. It’s Doctor Crusher to the rescue, as she exposes the threat and turns it back around on the villain!


Special features on the Blu-Ray release include Audio Commentary, Deleted scenes and Cast interviews.

Season six is the first full season without, “The Great Bird of the Galaxy,” Gene Roddenberry, But his vision of a hopeful future where mankind works together to better themselves is very much alive! Season 6 was TNG at its best, and this writer can’t wait to see what CBS has in store for the release of season 7!


Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Six Re-mastered Blu-Ray retails for $119.99, and is available anywhere Blu-ray are sold, and you can watch the trailer HERE. Watch out for Season Seven of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Re-mastered soon from CBS Television, as well as Season Four of Star Trek: Enterprise!


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