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Review – Star Wars: AOR Boba Fett #1 (Marvel Comics)

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion- Boba Fett #1
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Boba Fett #1

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Marc Laming
Colorist: Neeraj Menon
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release: May 8, 2019

Boba Fett is on another bounty, this time he is after one of the nastiest ex-bounty hunters in the galaxy!


Proof Boba Fett has a Heart…Maybe?


Star Wars: Age of Rebellion- Boba Fett #1 is another one-shot story told in the Star Wars universe. Obviously, this one is focusing on everyone’s favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett. What does the sharped dressed man in Mandalorian armor do all day? Well, he hunts bounties! This time he is after a vile ex-bounty hunter. When Boba Fett goes after a true villain will it show that the man under the armor has a heart for “the people” or is it all about the money?


Greg Pak takes over writing duties for this issue of Age of Rebellion. Look, going to start this by saying I am not big into Star Wars. I have seen most the movies and played the video games back in the day, but I never really got “into” it. That was more of my brother’s side of the universe than mine. Not that I hate Star Wars, it is just not my thing. That being said I have a basic concept and idea of a character like Boba Fett.

STAR WARS AOR BOBA FETT #1 Variant Cover by Marc Laming
STAR WARS AOR BOBA FETT #1 Variant Cover by Marc Laming

Pak writes a pretty straight forward story in this one-shot issue. If you are looking for a more in-depth decipher of the Bounty Hunters mind you are in the wrong place. We get a pretty by the numbers bounty hunting story in the Star Wars Universe. It is not a bad thing or a good thing for me. I didn’t hate reading it, but it also didn’t stay in my mind long after reading it either. The dialogue is also a little clunky; some pieces just feel very awkward.

Nothing really new or interesting character wise is brought out in this issue. Which I guess is okay. This is kind of touched on in the essay in the back but a lot of Boba Fett’s popularity originally came from his mystery. I mean he is only in two of the original films and doesn’t have that big of a part. But then he kind of blew up into a very popular character more on how he looked and the mystique around him. Pak plays off that well in the story, but then again it is nothing crazy inventive either.


Marc Laming has art duties on this one-shot issue. Laming is a very detailed artist, he does a great job on Fett’s armor. He gets all the nice little things that make it so iconic an eye-catching. There is so much detail in the armor it is crazy to look at. It actually makes it fun to look at to find little things that I had not seen before. Laming’s style looks great as a “pin-up” or a big action shot. The nice details and line work look great. Sequentially though it is not the greatest.

While the art is superbly detailed and wonderful to look at the sequential work feels a little clunky. The action scenes really do not “flow” they are just kind of big set pieces. Some of the panel placement makes some things a little confusing on what is happening. One panel, in particular, they guy Boba Fett is going after gets surprised by his friend and he accidentally shoots at him. Well, that is what the scene is supposed to convey, but there is nothing to indicate he got surprised or snuck up on, he just turns around and shoots for no reason.

The scene at the start of the issue when Boba Fett makes his big entrance is awkward as well. It just looks very weird. Like, he is making his big bounty hunter entrance and he looks kind of goofy riding this robot camel thing. Again the art isn’t bad, I know I am ragging on it a lot, it is pretty to look at times. Overall though and in sequential storytelling, it kind of loses me at points which is not a good thing.


If you are big Star Wars or Boba Fett fan you are probably going to pick up Star Wars: Age of Rebellion- Boba Fett #1 no matter what. It is not a terrible one-shot story, but it ain’t the greatest thing ever either. Obviously, me not being the biggest Star Wars person I am not sure how this falls into the lore of Boba Fett? I mean it is a pretty basic bounty hunter story. The art is superbly well detailed and delightful to look at times, but also sequentially awkward and confusing. I would like to hear from Star Wars and Boba Fett fans to know what they thought of this issue?

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