Review – Star Wars: Vader – Dark Visions #1 (Marvel)

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  • Art - 9/10
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Star Wars: Vader - Dark Visions #1

Author: Dennis Hallum
Artist: Paolo Villanelli
Cover Artist: Greg Smallwood
Released: March 6th, 2019
Publisher: Marvel
Maturity Rating: T

A different perspective shows us what Darth Vader could have been – had he not strayed down his current path – in Vader – Dark Visions #1.

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Darth Vader Takes on an Epic Fight in Vader – Dark Visions #1


It’s hard to believe that Darth Vader could be seen in any light other than the obvious, but that is exactly what Vader- Dark Visions has sought to do. The first issue of the series gives us a new perspective on Vader’s character. It’s the sort of perspective that can only happen when one is truly unaware of the character they’re watching…but it is still interesting nonetheless.

In Vader – Dark Visions #1 we see a different side of Vader. This is what Vader could have been like, had he not made the choices he did. Or at least, it was one of his possibilities. It’s interesting to think about Vader in those terms, even knowing how things ultimately panned out for him.



Star Wars: Vader Dark Visions #1 (Marvel) Variant Cover
Star Wars: Vader Dark Visions #1 (Marvel) Variant Cover

Dennis Hallum is the author behind this mini-series, and so far he’s proven that he can give us a different take on Vader. By telling us a story involving Vader, but not having Vader as the main perspective, he can shift the way the story is being told.

Vader- Dark Visions #1 was a unique character study. It isn’t easy to show Vader in a different light, and trust me, people have tried. But it is possible, under a very specific set of circumstances. This is one of them. Naturally, anybody reading this comic likely knows plenty about Vader – and thus can read right through his actions in this issue. But that doesn’t quite change what was shown here.

The story took on this epic feel to it. Most of the writing in this issue was an internal monologue of the main perspective – it felt almost like they were practicing how they’d tell the story later. It cleaned up all the rough edges of the events, and instead left a legend, a tale that would be carried down for generations. That is how it felt while reading it at least.

I’ll admit that it was interesting and unexpected to see Vader thrown into this light. It made the issue more interesting than it probably would have otherwise been. Admittedly it didn’t really change my opinion about Vader at all, but I don’t think that was the point either.


The artwork in Vader – Dark Visions #1 was vibrant and ethereal, in some ways. The jungle and ruin settings were striking, especially in comparison with Vader and the battle he began. The juxtaposition between the peace before Vader’s arrival and the sounds of battle afterward were easily portrayed in the art itself.

Paolo Villanelli is the artist behind those scenes. He portrayed a nearly silent Vader perfectly. The fight scenes alone were exceptional as well – it was hard not to cringe at a few points because the damage felt so real. The detailed portrayal of the fights did help to lend to the epic quality of the tale as well.


Vader – Dark Visions #1 surpassed my expectations for a mini-series such as this. The creative team managed to present us with something truly unique. It was an epic tale of Vader, one that allowed us, for the smallest, briefest moment, to believe he was something other than the villain. Of course, that perspective will never hold. But that’s what makes it interesting, isn’t it?

The epic storytelling part of this issue is what really brought it to a whole new level. The way it was told was reminiscent of the telling in 300, and it worked. It was impossible not to get drawn into the plot. The real question is, what will the next issue show us?


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