Review – Steven Universe #11 (KaBOOM! Studios)

Pumpkin Bites Back in Steven Universe #11

The best thing about comics based on television shows is that they can sate your appetite in between seasons. Though Steven Universe is currently running its fifth season, most of us want more. Thankfully, KaBOOM! Studios has an ongoing comic series to keep Steventhusiasts happy. In Steven Universe #11, we get a taste of autumn fun with Steven, Lapis, and Peridot as they enter a Beach City cook-off!


Steven Universe #11 Main CoverIn Steven Universe #11, Steven persuades Lapis and Peridot to participate in The Taste of Beach City, an autumn-themed cook-off designed to attract tourists. All seems to go well until Pumpkin, Lapis’s pet, goes postal. Turns out pumpkin spice isn’t the universal favorite. Whoops!

Though it’s ostensibly a show for children, Steven Universe is an equally rewarding show for adults. This being my first taste of the comic series, I expected it to offer the same sort of depth and satisfaction. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. Though writer Grace Kraft does an excellent job of maintaining the personalities and voices of our favorite characters, the storyline did not meet my expectations. It was simple and predictable. The climax of the story was anti-climactic and the resolution was dull. All the characters did what they were supposed to do—no deviation.

That being said, I’m sure issue #11 is perfectly fine for children or those who need that extra dose of Steven this week. But if you’re hoping these beloved characters will answer grand questions in their simple, yet satisfying ways, don’t hold your breath.


Issue #11 attracted me because of the beautifully drawn cover by artist Missy Peña. Though I’m an avid fan of the show, I had never considered reading the comics. Comics, in general, just aren’t on my radar. But the cover, with Connie and Steven relaxing under the peaceful watch of Rose Quartz, struck me. It’s so beautiful that I couldn’t crop it. I had to include the whole thing in this review (you’re welcome).

Sadly, artist Rii Abrego left me wanting. Abrego’s artwork is simple, like the show’s, and does not fail in character design or execution. But something about it feels lazy. Maybe I had my hopes up because of Peña’s cover, and that’s my bad. But the interior artwork just didn’t do it for me. It gets the point across. It does its job—no extras.

Colorist Whitney Cogar does a great job of portraying the cutesy feel of the television series. The Gems are the colors they should be and there are some adorable little backgrounds to help boost the appeal of this issue. Thankfully, it’s not hard to maintain such simplistic color schemes.


No, Steven Universe #11 wasn’t my favorite, but maybe this issue was a dud. I’m willing to give the comic series another try or two or three before establishing an opinion. If you’re looking to pick up this week’s issue for yourself or your kids, just be prepared for a modest, plain story. I’m sure the little ones won’t mind that! Fortunately, looking ahead (and behind), the cover art for this series is fantastic. That alone makes $3.99 per issue a bargain.

What are your thoughts on this Steven Universe ongoing comic series? Which issue has your favorite cover? Let us know in the comments!


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