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Strange Academy #1
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Writer: Skottie Young 

Artist: Humberto Ramos

Colorist: Edgar Delgado

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Maturity Rating: Teen

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Release: March 4, 2020

Dr. Voodoo is heading up the Strange Academy how hard could it be to teach kids and teenagers how to harness their magical talents. Dr. Voodoo is about to face his toughest test to date!


“People are Strange” Strange Academy #1

The Marvel Universe is full of places for young powered people to learn. The X-Men had the Xavier Institute for the longest time, The Avenger’s had The Young Avengers. But what about young magic users throughout the Marvel Universe? There has never been a place were they can come to learn to use their abilities from the best and brightest… that is until now. Marvels premier Magic University opens its doors for its first class in Strange Academy #1. Young mystics and demons from all universes come to learn how to use there powers at the Strange Academy. But can teenage Asgardians get along with Frost Giants? And who wants to room with someone from the swamps of Weird World? The Strange Academy is officially open!


Strange Academy Variant Cover by Humberto Ramos
Strange Academy Variant Cover by Humberto Ramos

For me, like a lot of people I was super excited when Strange Academy #1 was announced. It was one of those ideas like “duh, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before for Marvel Comics”. It is basically a mixture of Harry Potter and the X-Men. Boasting a super interesting cast of new and old characters a like so my expectations are pretty high when opening up Strange Academy #1.

Scottie Young handles the writing duties and it is a bit of a mixed bag for me. I like the general idea of the issue and to his credit there is a lot to get out in this first issue and Young does his best. We get introduced to a ton of new characters and also have to set up what this new academy is all about. It is almost a bit too much all at once. It is hard to absorb what is going on. We have one character we are kind of “attached” to at the start of the issue. But Young doesn’t give us enough to really hold onto her right now. Magic is also a super vague power, it kind of looks like they are all doing the same thing so I wish their “powers” had a bit more explanation.

I know that all sounds a bit negative but the issue still has a lot going for it and as a series going forward. This whole cast is fantastic. There is a ton of different characters and all of them feel unique and interesting in their own ways. Young does a fantastic job of making everyone play well off each other. It is also just a fun read, though bogged down a bit, I was super interested in everything happening in the issue and wanted more of all these characters interacting.


Humberto Ramos handles the art duties in Strange Academy #1. His is a style that I normally enjoy. It is animated and very stylized. His characters have a nice sense of movement and action to them. It just didn’t quite seem to fit with the story in Strange Academy #1. I not exactly sure what it is though? There are a lot of panels and pages that I like. He also does some great character designs throughout and like I said I always enjoy his art style.

I think maybe the issue needed a bit more of an “expressive” style. The emotional beats didn’t really hit for me. Ramos’s facial expressions and character acting really didn’t have that connecting for me. It could also be Edgar Delgado’s coloring scheme. Everything is just a tad too bright and with an odd shade to it.

I wouldn’t dare say the art is “bad” in Strange Academy #1. It is all very well crafted and done at a very high level, it is just for me personally didn’t seem to fit or tell the story as well as it could have.


I had some high expectations going into Strange Academy #1, it met some of those but also fell flat in some areas. It felt a little too jammed packed and didn’t make as a solid of a character connection as I wanted (I shouldn’t need this). But then again I like just about every character and want to know more about them. There is some great interactions and intriguing plot points. It just all gets caught up in trying to explain this new academy, what is going on, where they are at and so on.

The art while well done and from just a visual stand point looks good, just did not quite seem to fit for me. The character designs are fantastic and there are some great pages and panels throughout the issue. It just again didn’t land that connection emotional and the tone of the art for the story just felt a bit off.

That does not mean I am not extremely excited for this series still, it just means there is a lot to work on as well.

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