Review – Strange Academy #8 (Marvel Comics)

  • Writing - 8.5/10
  • Art - 8.8/10
  • Overall - 8.6/10

Strange Academy #8

Writer: Skottie Young 
Artist: Humberto Ramos
Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: February 3, 2021

Doyle is dealing with death, Emily is learning the darker secrets of the Strange Academy, oh, and special guest instructors Rocket Raccoon and Groot come to “teach” the kids.

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Strange Academy #8 “Weird Science”

Well, now, that is a quick turnaround; just last week we got my favorite issue of Strange Academy so far and they are right back at it this week with Strange Academy #8. Some heavy stuff was laid down in the previous issue. Doyle Dormammu was dead but Emily, who almost died as well, brought him back to life with a kiss! The way Emily was saved was quite shocking as well, as we learned how the “cost” of magic is being paid for at the Strange Academy.

Strange Academy #8 (Marvel Comics) variant cover by Art Adams
Strange Academy #8 (Marvel Comics) variant cover by Art Adams

In Strange Academy #8 Doyle goes to counseling to talk about his death experience. Meanwhile, Emily gets to have heart-to-heart with the man who saved her: Doctor Strange. For the other kids, it is another wild day of classes at the Strange Academy. Can anyone say space adventure with special guest instructors Rocket Raccoon and Groot?!


Strange Academy #8 was not as emotionally hard-hitting as the previous issue, but Young hits on some good points and character moments, while also delivering a lot of fun. I personally enjoyed the opening of the issue as Doyle is in counseling. Young starts to hit on his emotional well-being of, well, you know, being a child of one of Marvel’s biggest heavy-hitter villains, and also the whole thing that keeps coming up about him destroying the world and killing his friends. All that can be a bit traumatizing for a kid. Young does a fantastic job bringing his character out.

We also get another call-back tease with Emily. Obviously, some big things were revealed in the previous issue and there is a nice setup to something that happened to Emily a few issues ago. I kind of forgot about it, but when it happened it was a nice “oh yeah” moment that I am excited to see what Skottie Young does with.

The whole Rocket and Groot side story with the other kids was a fun romp. I mean, I would have rather had more of Doyle in counseling, but the little side space adventure added a lot of lighthearted fun after the seriousness of issue #7.


The art team shines again in Strange Academy #8. It does not quite hit the visual flair of the previous issue. But I mean Humberto Ramos and Edgar Delgado always put on a visual show. One thing that Ramos has done incredibly well throughout the series and this issue is making the world feel full and alive. He adds fantastic background details and fully engulfs the reader in the world of the Strange Academy.

I do think the art gets a little muddled in the space adventure story. It is hard at times to tell who exactly who and what is happening sequence-wise at times. But it is a very small part of Strange Academy #8. Again, wonderful facial expressions and character acting by Ramos. His slightly overexaggerated characters pull this off exceptionally well.

Edgar Delgado’s colors also continue to shine in Strange Academy #8. Great switches from lighter to darker scenes as the story plays out. Love the textured, almost pastel colorations of this series that Delgado delivers.


Strange Academy #8 is another strong issue for this series. Each issue this series continues to grow on me and I am getting more and more invested as Skottie Young starts to focus in on different characters. I still think that there are too many new characters to try to get to know so fast, but Young has done a fantastic job these past two issues of focusing in on one or two of them. The space adventure story, while fun, didn’t really add much besides adding a little levity to the issue. I hope Skottie Young keeps on this path and we get more in-depth with these characters as Strange Academy continues to move forward. He seems to be settling into his groove these past two issues.

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