Review – Stray Dogs #1 (Image Comics)

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  • Art - 9/10
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Stray Dogs #1

Writer: Tony Fleecs
Artist: Trish Forstner
Colorist: Brad Simpson
Publisher: Image Comics
Released: February 17, 2021
Maturity Rating: No Rating

Stray Dogs #1 is the start of a five-issue miniseries, one that merges themes from Lady and the Tramp with Silence of the Lambs.

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A Haunting Introduction in Stray Dogs #1


Have you ever found yourself hoping for a series that blends Lady and the Tramp themes with Silence of the Lambs? Well, good news! That is exactly what Stray Dogs #1 promises. So get ready to cry, and probably get a little bit scared at times too. You know, just in case.

They say that dogs don’t exactly have the best memory. At least, that’s the story that Stray Dogs is sticking to. It would certainly explain why Sophie, an adorable little pup, doesn’t seem to recall the horrors that crossed her path.

Stray Dogs #1 is the first of a five-issue miniseries from Image Comics, with the first issue set to release on February 17. Written by Tony Fleecs, with artists Trish Forstner (art) and Brad Simpson (colors), this series is sure to be a memorable one.


Stray Dogs #1 (Image Comics) WRITER Tony Fleecs ARTIST Trish Forstner
Stray Dogs #1 (Image Comics) WRITER
Tony Fleecs ARTIST
Trish Forstner

Right off the bat, Stray Dogs #1 is an issue that tugs at your heartstrings. Arguably, this isn’t a series to read if you’re looking for a feel-good pup story (then again, who didn’t cry during All Dogs Go to Heaven and all the rest?).

Still, it promises a mystery, and that’ll be enough to keep many a fan invested in what little Sophie is about to go through. Having read the first issue, I can tell you that they have done a brilliant job of setting the scene.

It’s a story that raises plenty of questions, as the narrative slowly reveals what is actually going on. There’s this wonderful (yet heartbreaking) sense of growing horror as the story moves on. And it doesn’t stop when the issue ends either. It’s one of those stories when the more you think about it, the more you understand. And the more you understand, the more horrifying it gets.

So yeah, not a heartwarming story. Not yet, at any rate. I’m still holding out hope for a happy ending, but only time will tell on that front. What the story is though, is fascinating. It’s wonderfully written, merging two of the most unlikely themes into something new and captivating.


As far as the artwork is concerned, Stray Dogs #1 definitely feels like it leans more towards Lady and the Tramp than Silence of the Lambs. The artwork is actually quite cute – but of course, it would have to be, wouldn’t it? After all, a dozen dogs are romping around the pages.

The bright images and happy colors do little to ward off that sense of dread. If anything, they increase it, working together with that lingering sense of wrongness. It’s actually pretty chilling when you think about it.

Still, even knowing all of that, there are some great images to be found within this issue. The two pages spread found early on is one of my favorites, nailing that Oliver and Company vibe to perfection.


Stray Dogs #1 is probably not an issue you want to pick up when you have no idea what’s going to happen in it. But if you do know what to expect? (i.e. Maybe don’t let your kids casually pick up this series). It’s absolutely worth the read. It’ll break your heart and chill you to the bones, and leave you curious to see what is going to happen next.

The unique blend of themes and storytelling tropes is so creative here, as it’s perfectly designed to get under our skin. Who wouldn’t empathize with a cute little dog with memory problems? Or root for her, for that matter.



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