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Strayed #1
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Writer: Carlos Giffoni
Artist: Juan Doe
Colorist: Matt Krotzer
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Maturity Rating: not rated
Release Date: August 21st, 2019

Strayed #1 is the beginning of an all-new epic journey following an astral projecting cat…in space. This series is going to be perfect for cat ladies everywhere.


Strayed #1: A Tale of Cats, Space, and Loyalty

Strayed #1 is the beginning of a new tale from Dark Horse comics. It follows Lou, a gifted cat, and his owner, Kiara Rodriguez. Their tale is one that’ll be perfect for comic book fans and cat lovers alike. Oh, and did we mention it’s set in space?

This series has been catching a lot of attention, between the cat elements and the absolutely striking artwork. And that’s not terribly surprising. It’s not every day you get to find a series revolving around a loyal cat, is it?


Strayed #1 (Dark Horse Comics) cover A
Strayed #1 (Dark Horse Comics) cover A by Juan Doe

Strayed #1 takes an interesting premise and brings it to life. Carlos Giffoni is the one who came up with this unique story, and we just can’t wait to see where it takes us. The series doesn’t waste much time introducing the setting. And it doesn’t take us very long to connect to the furry feline of a main character.

To be completely fair, it did feel like the first issue was missing something. I think that’s because it focused so much on setting things up, and not enough on the major plot. I think this is a problem that will fix itself, in time. And despite this complaint, I still enjoyed the read.

The issue did a great job of pulling emotion from its readers—though perhaps it will affect crazy cat ladies more strongly than others (guilty). It’s impossible not to feel for Lou and his owner, to hope to see them in a better situation.

Strayed #1 proves that this series has a lot of potential. There was a lot to establish in this issue, from the setting to the characters involved. Yet it appears that they’ve gotten through the heavier lifting, and hopefully can now focus on the main plot itself.


The artwork in Strayed #1 is…absolutely and completely striking. The cover alone should give you a good idea of what you’re in for. Lou is a vibrantly-drawn cat, and the worlds he visits are even more colorful.

Juan Doe provided the lines for this issue, while Matt Krotzer did the coloring. Together they brought us something out of this world—literally. The scenes in which Lou is astral projecting are clearly the highlights of the issue, though the rest of the panels are still nicely done as well.

The vibrant color palette lends well to the whole astral projection plot, actually. And the greener tones are a nice hat tip to previous incarnations of space exploration tales. And perhaps it lends just a bit of foreshadowing as well.


Strayed #1 did a solid job of introducing our two main characters and the world in which they’re trapped. The tale will surely tug at the heartstrings of many a cat lover, and with good reason. Meanwhile, only time will tell what the main plot has in store.

This issue may not have been the strongest start ever seen, but I sincerely think that this series is going to be one worth keeping an eye on. I know I’m going to continue reading it. I just hope it doesn’t break my heart with Lou’s tale.

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