Review – Suicide Squad #26

Suicide Squad #26

“Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here every day”

Suicide Squad #26 is part 3 of the “Gotham Resistance Dark Nights Metal” tie-in story spanning across several different series (part 2 was in last week’s Nightwing #29). In part 2 of the Gotham Resistance storyline, the odd group of “heroes” of Killer Croc, Damian Wayne, Harley Quinn, Green Arrow and Nightwing teamed up to save Gotham, fighting an enhanced Mr. Freeze. After stumbling upon a secret chamber they found some pretty sweet weapons and armor to help them defeat the enhanced Mr. Freeze and his ice giants. Now they are continuing on their journey to save Gotham from the dark forces that have overtaken the city from the DC Comics event Metal. Things do not get any easier for the team as Poison Ivy has been influenced by this dark force and is set to stop them with an enhanced plant monster! Even if they get by her they still have the Dark Multiverse versions of The Suicide Squad and Teen Titans to deal with.

Suicide Squad #26 Cover by Stjepan Sejic
Suicide Squad #26 Cover by Stjepan Sejic

Rob Williams really does a fantastic job with what he has to work within this tie-in issue of Suicide Squad #26. While I still do not have a full idea as to what is going on with this event and this “Gotham Resistance” storyline, Rob Williams makes this issue a lot of fun to read. He really has some great humor in Suicide Squad #26 and I love the interaction between Harley Quinn and the rest of the group. It is really an odd group together as a team, but Williams does a great job of having all the characters play well off of each other. Williams just writes a really fun issue and while I do not care for the whole tie-in going across multiple series, Suicide Squad #26 was still an enjoyable read.


Stjepan Sejic does some really beautiful work in Suicide Squad #26. The characters are wonderfully rendered and realized through his art work. I really enjoy the more “bleak” or “toned” down color scheme he uses it really gives of that apocalypse type vibe to the Issue. Sejic gives almost a painted like feeling to the Issue and the Dark Multiverse creatures and characters that pop up look stunning. I really enjoy the giant plant creature that shows up with Poison Ivy, it is scary and beautiful all at the same time and the design reminds me a little bit of one of my favorite Godzilla baddies Biollante. I also love the Mad Max design and feel of the first few pages with the group fighting off a horde of Dark Multiverse Man-bats that look amazing. He also does great facial expressions that enhance the comedy gags throughout the issue. The only gripe I would have is the action does not really “flow”, the images feel more static than I would like, they are wonderful to look at though.


For a tie-in issue that has spanned across three books so far, I really enjoyed Suicide Squad #26 “Gotham Resistance Part Three” for what it is. Sure I am not 100% sure what is going on, but Rob Williams made it a fun read and Sjepan Sejic’s art was great to look at. If you want the whole story you will have to read the conclusion next week in Green Arrow #32.

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