Review – Suicide Squad #36 (DC Comics)

Hack is Back for Revenge in Suicide Squad #36

The members of the Suicide Squad are in grave danger in Suicide Squad #36. Previously, in Suicide Squad #35, Hack revealed that she was not dead after all and had returned to seek revenge. She threatened to release all of Amanda Waller’s secrets and end the Suicide Squad. Meanwhile, a new piece of military tech called “The Wall” also threatened to make Task Force X obsolete. In Suicide Squad #36, Hack becomes Belle Reve and threatens to destroy it with the Suicide Squad trapped inside.


Suicide Squad #36 – Cover Art by David Yardin

After their confrontation with Damage, the Squad returns home, but Deadshot and Harley Quinn have a bad feeling about it. They come to find that Belle Reve has been taken over by Hack. She explains to Faraday (the Immortal) – the only one in Belle Reve she trusts – that her body may have died, but her mind did not. Through some DC magic, she became a ghost in Belle Reve’s machines. Previously, Hack had opened every cell door in Belle Reve, allowing the inmates to wander freely. Of course, all hell breaks loose when Hack reveals she has a terrifying trick up her sleeve.

With Task Force X in her grasp, Hack opens communications with Amanda Waller. Hack explains that she wants Waller to reveal all her dirty secrets and the identity of the person who killed her. With her own agenda, the Squad, and national security at risk, Waller must do the unthinkable. Everything prior to this moment, I thought, was very compelling. It seemed as though every character added something to this issue.

The story itself is fairly compelling. Rob Williams’s writing is great and creative. The dialogue is very intriguing and holds the reader’s attention. There was never a moment when a character’s dialogue felt out of character. Not one of the text boxes felt unnecessary or interfered with the artwork. It really seems as though Williams’s stories are character driven. That is something that I would like to see more of in all comics. Another thing I would like to see are events actually affecting the narrative. Suicide Squad #36 ends with a great cliffhanger, and I would love to see the consequences of the event pan out in the following issues.


Eduardo Panisco’s artwork, for the most part, looks great in this issue. There is one glaring issue about ten pages in where Amanda Waller’s face just looks really wonky. However, it’s in a smaller panel and does not detract from the overall experience. Panisco’s artwork combined with Adriano Lucas’s matte color scheme creates a very unique look for this issue. Hack looks stunning as an electronic ghost. Often, one may see zeros and ones from certain angles. No color seems out of place in this issue. Every color enhances the tone of this story.


Suicide Squad #36 continues issue #35’s themes of being destroyed from the inside. The theme itself plays out multiple ways throughout the issue. The plot of this particular issue intrigued me. Furthermore, I enjoyed seeing Amanda Waller in such a vulnerable state. It helps develop her character a little more and readers have been able to see a slightly different side of Waller in this arc.

However, while I do think that the cliffhanger is great, it annoys and excites me. I am excited to see what will happen after the incident. The only problem is, I do not believe that much will change in the next issue. The main cast will probably remain unscathed. There is a chance that Williams could throw a curveball and do something wildly different. Therefore, I am quite interested in seeing where Williams will take the series from here.


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